The Solemn Oath Questions & Answers

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The Solemn Oath Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Tom and Huckleberry decide not to tell what they had seen in the graveyard?

Answer: Tom and Huck ran to the old tannery, where they discussed the dilemma, they were in. They both realized that if they revealed Injun Joe as the murderer, he would kill them. The boys took an oath to not reveal what they had seen.

Question 2: How did Tom try to calm his guilty conscience?

Answer: Depressed and guilty, Tom stopped by the jail whenever he could to bring gifts for Muff Potter. This helped to ease his conscience a little.

Question 3: What happened when Aunt Polly wanted to cure Tom of his indifference?

Answer: Aunt Polly noticed a drastic change in Tom’s behaviour and, thinking him to be ill, began to try out all kinds of medicines on him. In order to give water-treatment she took him to the woodshed every morning, flung cold water over him and then she scrubbed him down with a harsh towel before rolling him in wet sheet. Then put him under blankets to sweat his soul clean. But in spite of this he grew more and more pale, Aunt Polly then added hot baths, salt baths and shower baths and fed him on a diet of oatmeal. It was then she tried the pain-killer. She gave a tea-spoonful and waited anxiously for the result. Tom’s melancholy disappeared, and he perked up immediately. Tom pretended to enjoy the medicine so much that he pestered his aunt for another dose. She finally told him where it was so that he could administer it himself. One day Tom gave the medicine to the family cat and it spread chaos and destruction everywhere.

Question 4: What was the ‘shocking news’? Why was Potter implicated in the crime?

Answer: By noon the next day, the entire town of St. Petersburg knew about Dr. Robinson’s murder, and that the murder weapon was Muff Potter’s knife. School was dismissed for the afternoon, and everyone moved to the graveyard, where the sheriff was with Muff Potter, who initially proclaimed his innocence. But finally, in despair, Muff told Injun Joe to reveal the truth. Injun Joe, of course, made sure that all of the guilt was placed on Muff Potter.

Question 5: What role does education play in the scene?

Answer: Education was a symbol of civilized behaviour. In this scene, we see education is seen as important by some and optional to others. Huck doesn’t bother going to school. His freedom is envied by all of the boys but looked down upon by the community. To protect themselves, the boys agree to remain silent, and they make a complicated ritual of the oath-taking, a ritual that involves both writing out the oath and signing it in blood. (A technique that Tom had learned from the books he had read.)

Question 6: What made Becky say ‘some people think they’re smart-showing off?

Answer: Becky was already upset with Tom. When he started shouting, laughing, chasing boys, jumping over the fence at the risk of life and limb, throwing handsprings, she turned with her nose in the air and commented that tom was unnecessarily trying to show-off. Tom turned red due to embarrassment and went off quietly.

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