Terror In The Graveyard Questions & Answers

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Terror In The Graveyard Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Huckleberry Finn and Tom go to the graveyard?

Answer: On Monday morning, on the way to school, Tom met Huckleberry Finn. Huck was carrying around a dead cat with the intent of taking it to the cemetery that night because he believed the superstition that, when Satan came to the cemetery to gather the corpses of evil persons, then one had to throw the cat after them and say – Devil follow corpse, cat follow devil, warts follow cat, I am done with you. In other words, Huck saw this as a way to get rid of warts. Tom wanted to get rid of his warts. So, they agreed for a meeting at the graveyard at midnight to try out a new cure with the dead cat.

Question 2: What did the boys see at the graveyard?

Answer: At night, Tom sneaked out of bed and went to the graveyard with Huck. They hid in a clump of elms a few feet from the fresh grave of Williams and waited for the devils to appear. After a while, three figures approached the grave. The boys believed with horrified delight that those were the devils, but they turned out to be three adults from the town carrying out a midnight mission of their own. Tom and Huck were surprised to discover the young Dr. Robinson accompanied by two local outcasts, the drunken Muff Potter and Injun Joe. Dr. Robinson ordered the other two men to dig up Williams’ corpse, presumably for use in medical experiments. After they finished the job, Potter demanded extra payment, but Robinson refused. Injun Joe then reminded Robinson of an incident that happened five years earlier, when Injun Joe came begging at Robinsons’ kitchen door and was turned away. Injun Joe now intended to have his revenge. In the ensuing fight, the drunken Potter was knocked unconscious, while Injun Joe took the opportunity and killed the doctor with Potter’s knife. When Potter recovered, he thought that he had killed the doctor. Joe allowed him to believe himself to be guilty.

Question 3: How was Tom’s reaction different from Huck’s?

Answer: A muffled sound of voices floated up to the boys from the far-off end of the graveyard. Some vague figures approached through the gloom, swinging an old-fashioned lantern. Huckleberry whispered with a shudder that the devils were there and they were almost finished. He requested Tom if he could pray. Tom assured him that no harm will befall them and he should not be fearful.

Question 4: What were the men carrying and why?

Answer: The men were carrying a handbarrow with a rope, and a couple of shovels in it. They put down their load and began to open the grave. The doctor put the lantern at the head of the grave. As soon as the coffin was taken out, they took off the lid with their shovels and lifted the body out onto the barrow and wrapped it in a blanket with a rope. Potter took out a strong knife to cut off the loose end of the rope.

Question 5: What evil intention did Injun Joe have that implicated Potter?

Answer: Injun Joe was a wicked person. He achieved most of his evil goals because he was clever and resourceful. He killed Dr. Robinson and when Potter awakened and asked Injun Joe what had happened, Injun Joe told the drunk Potter that he had murdered Dr. Robinson in a drunken fury. Potter, still dazed, believed him and requested him not to reveal this crime. He was shrewd enough to make the towns people believe that his story was true.

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