Leaving The Valley Questions & Answers

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Leaving The Valley Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Composed – having one’s feelings under control
  • Belongings – things that belong to a person
  • Couldn’t think straight – was not able to think clearly because one was overcome with emotion
  • Pashtun – a person who comes from the parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan that speak Pashto
  • Laden – heavily loaded
  • Internally displaced Persons – people who are forced to flee their home but remain within the country’s borders
  • Exodus – large number of people leaving a place together
  • Crammed – stuffed into a space
  • Heaving – very crowded
  • Depressed – very unhappy

Question 1: Why do you think Malala says it sounded like a disease?

Answer: It sounds as if Malala and her family had something due to which they were being quarantined or sent away, as if they had some contagious condition that may spread to other people.

Question 2: Why had Malala’s father gone on his own to Peshawar?

Answer: Malala’s father had gone on his own to Peshawar to alert people to what was happening in Swat and nearby villages.

Question 3: What grave danger did Malala and her family face while going to the Karshat?

Answer: Malala and her family came up against the army who refused to let them through. When they begged, the army finally relented and allowed them to go to their village. But all the vehicles on the road belonged to the army and the family was afraid that the army wouldn’t know who the family was and shoot them dead.

Question 4: Why do you think Malala compares her life to a drama?

Answer: Malala compares her life to drama because of the sudden dramatic events that took place in her life. All that had happened was quite unbelievable. There was a lot of happiness then great sorrow and like a drama they were too waiting for their happy ending.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

It was not easy to get from Besham to our village and we had to walk twenty-five kilometres carrying all our things.

(a) Name the village that Malala refers to in these lines.

Answer: Malala refers to the village Shangla.

(b) Why did they not get transport on this part of their journey?

Answer: They did not get transport on this part of their journeybecause of the curfew and checkpoints by the army. There was no other vehicle that didn’t belong to the military.

(c) Malala and her family carried what they could with them. What did Malala most regret leaving behind?

Answer: Malala regretted leaving her school bag with her books the most.

Leaving The Valley Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

It was our fourth city in two months. I knew we were better off than those who lived in the camps……

(a) Which was the ‘fourth city’?

Answer: Haripur was the fourth city.

(b) Why did Malala have to journey to four cities in two months?

Answer: Malala and her family had to forcibly leave their town, Swat due to Taliban’s terrorism to their native village of Shangla. They had to take round about through different villages due to constraints.

(c) Who lived in the camps? In what way was their situation worse than Malala’s?

Answer: Malala was referring to the other people who were fleeing homes and who had to leave refugee camps. The people would have had to stand in the queue for food and water for hours under the hot sun. they probably did not have proper place to sleep as well.
Malala’s family did not have to endure such difficulties because they had family to look after.

Question 7: Describe Malala’s life before she became an IDP.

Answer: Malala’s life before she became an IDP appears to have been a very happy one. She herself admits that they had been very happy. She had viewed the snow topped mountains, apricot trees all around, heard sounds of birds chirping and sounds of river and wind every day. She had a lovely neighbourhood. They lead a very simple but happy life, suddenly, she had to leave all these behind that she loved.

Question 8: Describe the sights and sounds that Malala noticed on the journey from her home to Mardan.

Answer: When Malala and her family left for her native village, she saw that the rods were jampacked and busy. She saw cars, rickshaws, mule carts and trucks with people and their belongings. Thousands of people were leaving with some of their belongings. Most people were crammed together, causing them to be sweaty and agitated. It was almost noon by the time they reached Mardan.

Question 9: On the journey that Malala took from her home to Haripur, which three hardships, according to you, were the most challenging ones that she faced?

Answer: In the course of Malala’s journey to Haripur, she and her family had to face many hardships. A few can be termed to be the most challenging ones.
i. She had to face her emotions and leave behind everything that she loved – her town, her books, her school and her friends.
ii. She had to bid goodbye to her father on her midway hoping that he would return safely.
iii. She had to adjust in the new surroundings that they were getting into.

Question 10: ‘A diamond must be cut many times before it yields even a tiny jewel.’ In your own words explain what this line means to you. Why do you think Malala chose to recite this poem?

Answer: When a diamond is taken from mines it doesn’t shine and looks like any other stone. It is then cut into small pieces and is polished to make it shine. That is how it becomes the jewel that it is.
Similarly in life, if we do not face hardships, we would not become wise. Hardships and challenges make one tough and bring out the worth of a person.

Question 11: How does this extract show that education and learning were important to Malala?

Answer: In the extract, Malala has made several references to her books, her school bag and her shoes. Even in Karshat, she stayed for six weeks and went to a school with her cousin. All this shows that Malala gives a lot of importance to education and learning.

So, these were Leaving The Valley Questions & Answers.

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