My Mother Questions & Answers

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My Mother Questions & Answers

Question 1: In the poem, which places of his childhood days does the poet recall?

Answer: The poet recalls saintly school near the temple, waves and golden sand of Rameshwaram’s sea, Rameshwaram Mosque Street, Arab teaching school, sandy hills and Railway Station Road in the poem in his childhood days.

Question 2: What are the feelings of the poet for his mother?

Answer: The poet has the fondest memories of his mother. He says that all the credit for his successful life goes to his mother. His mother used to kneel and bow five times in front of God to take blessings for her children.

Question 3: Answer the questions after reading the lines:

My Mother Questions & Answers

(a) In the above lines, who are ‘you’ and ‘me’?

Answer: ‘You’ refers to the poet’s mother and ‘me’ refers to the poet.

(b) Mention two things that made the poet’s life difficult?

Answer: World War and travelling long distances made the poet’s life difficult.

(c) Identify the figure of speech in the first line.

Answer: The figure of speech in the first line is ‘Simile’.

(d) Early in the morning, why did the poet have to walk so much?

Answer: The poet had to walk so much early in the morning to take lessons from the saintly teacher and to collect newspapers from the railway station.

Question 4: When does the child say that he will meet his mother again?

Answer: After the death of his mother, the poet has written this poem. According to him, he will meet his mother again on the great Judgment Day, when she will come out from her grave.

Question 5: Can you guess the child’s daily routine from the poem? Write it.

Answer: Yes, we can guess. During the Second World War, the child used to go miles to the saintly teacher to learn the holy lesson. He also used to go to Arab teaching school before sunrise. He would go to Railway Station Road from sandy hills to collect newspapers and distribute to temple city citizens in dawn time. He used to go to a simple school to study after sunrise. In the evening, he would do some small business to earn. At night, he used to study and then sleep.

My Mother Questions & Answers

Question 6: What does the child mention about his mother’s ‘caring hands’?

Answer: The child mentions that his mother had caring hands and she used to offer food to needy people. At night, with her caring hands, she used to remove her child’s pain tenderly.

Question 7: Answer the questions after reading the lines:

My Mother Questions & Answers

(a) Who is the young boy?

Answer: The young boy is Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

(b) What pain is he talking about?

Answer: The poet is talking about the pain of leading a difficult life where he has to study as well as work in order to earn money to support his family.

(c) What was this pain transformed into? How did this transformation take place?

Answer: The pain was transformed into strength. It took place because of the poet’s mother’s sincere and dedicated prayers where she asked for the blessings for the entire family.

(d) What is the meaning of ‘kneeling and bowing five times’?

Answer: ‘Kneeling and bowing five times’ is a way of praying to God in the Muslim custom.

Question 8: To the poet, how did his mother act as a source of inspiration?

Answer: The poet’s mother acted as a source of inspiration for him as she was always there to support her children when they needed her the most. She tenderly removed all the pains of the poet. Her love, virtues and prayers made a great influence on the poet’s life.

Question 9: ‘There are many ups and downs in man’s life but one should not lose hope’. Discuss this statement with reference to Dr. A.P.J who became the President of India.

Answer: Life is not a bed of roses. There will always be many difficulties that we need to face but we should learn to handle them and stay calm in all such situations. A.P.J Abdul Kalam had to face a lot of difficulties in his childhood days but he didn’t lose hope. With his hard work and dedication, he became the President of India.

Question 10:

Question 10

Answer: The elder brothers and sisters were envious of the poet as he was getting extra attention, love and care from his mother. Being envious is not a good thing because it may lead to unhealthy competition, mental and emotional stress. Therefore, we should be happy with whatever we have.

So, these were My Mother Questions & Answers.

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