The Story Of Flying Robert Questions & Answers

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The Story Of Flying Robert Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tumbling – fall suddenly
  • Pours – to rain very hard
  • Underneath – situated directly below
  • Silly – having a lack of common sense
  • Thistles – plants with needle-like thorns

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Robert was out in rain – True
(b) The children go out when the rain falls – False
(c) The wind whistles – True
(d) Robert does not fly to the skies – False
(e) Robert is carrying a blue umbrella – False

Question 2: What did Robert think?

Answer: Robert thought that when it poured, it was better out of doors.

Question 3: What do the little boys and girls do when the rain comes?

Answer: When the rain comes, they stay at home and mind their toys.

Question 4: What does the wind do through the trees and flowers?

Answer: The wind whistles through the trees and flowers.

Question 5: Write a word to describe Robert.

Answer: Robert was silly.

Question 6: What has the wind done with Robert’s umbrella?

Answer: The wind caught Robert’s red umbrella.

Question 7: Why do you think the poet has wrote this poem?

Answer: The poet has written this poem to inform children that if they don’t follow the rules then, they have to undergo lots of problems.

Question 8: How the poem ended?

Answer: Robert flew far away and was never seen again.

Question 9: Write some pairs of rhyming words from the poem?

Answer: Down-town, boys-toys and whistles-thistles.

So, these were The Story Of Flying Robert Questions & Answers.

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