Word Games Questions & Answers

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Word Games Questions & Answers

Word games are not only good for a mental exercise for children but these also help them enrich their vocabulary. They also let them think in a clear and logical manner. All the games involve winning and losing. Similarly, word games also have winners and losers so, it is a good idea to have an umpire with a dictionary. Such an umpire will help you avoid unnecessary arguments.

Question 1: What is the one common thing in all games?

Answer: In all games, there is some kind of winning and losing.

Question 2: How do children benefit from word games?

Answer: Word games give childrena good mental exercise. They also help them to enrich their vocabulary and let them think in a clear and logical manner.

Question 3: Do we need an umpire in word games?

Answer: Yes, we do need an umpire with a dictionary. This is because, it helps us to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Question 4: What do we need to play the game called ‘Long Words’?

Answer: A paper and a pencil.

Question 5: Which word game can give you practice in the use of adjectives?

Answer: ‘The Minister’s Cat’ can give practice in the use of adjectives.

Question 6: Which word game can be compared to the game of kabaddi?

Answer: ‘The Spelling Bee’.

Question 7: What are word ladders?

Answer: It is a word game in which we can make an entirely new word by changing one letter at a time.

Question 8: According to you, which word game is the most interesting one? Give reasons.

Answer: I find ‘The Spelling Bee’ the most interesting word game. This is because it helps in increasing our vocabulary and offers all the fun of kabaddi.

So, these were Word Games Questions & Answers.

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