Little Benjamin Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Little Benjamin Questions & Answers.

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Little Benjamin Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • In a flash – quickly and suddenly
  • Fluffy – soft
  • Eagerly – with interest or excitement about something
  • Murmured – said in a quiet voice
  • Examining – looking at somebody
  • Waster – a person who is useless
  • Orphanage – homes for children whose parents are dead
  • Chuckle-head – a foolish person
  • Glance – a quick look
  • Nursing – job of caring people
  • Pricking – making a small hole
  • Beaming – cheerful
  • Sober – serious

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The whole family seemed cheerful because they were……

i. waiting for someone to arrive
ii. expecting to see their pet cat
iii. waiting for the delivery of something

(b) Mother Golden was carrying a basket with……..

i. a baby boy
ii. a baby girl
iii. a white fluffy kitten

(c) The baby was fed with………….

i. some water
ii. some food
iii. some warm milk

Question 2: Who said these words:

(a) “Oh, we could help!”

Answer: Mary

(b) “I guess he’d better stay, father!”

Answer: Adam

(c) “Oh my God!”

Answer: Mother Golden

(d) “Children, what do you say?”

Answer: Father Golden

(e) “He says his name’s Goo!”

Answer: Joseph

Question 3: How did Mary describe the little baby’s hands?

Answer: Mary described the little baby’s hands as pink shells.

Question 4: Why did Father Golden initially want to send the baby to an orphanage?

Answer: Father Golden initially wanted to send the baby to an orphanage as he already had five children to take care of.

Little Benjamin Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did Mother Golden do within five minutes of receiving the baby? Why do you think she did so?

Answer: After receiving the baby, first of all Mother Golden examined the baby’s clothes and fed the baby some warm milk with a spoon. She did so because being a mother she could guess that the baby would be hungry.

Question 6: Why did Adam refer to Joseph as a chuckle-head?

Answer: Adam referred to Joseph as a chuckle-head because he asked if the baby could speak. Also, he heard the baby gurgling ‘A-goo!’ and thought that the baby was telling its name.

Question 7: Did the children of the Golden family like the baby? Give examples to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, the children of the Golden family liked the baby as they were insisting to keep the baby. They were helping in finding the name for him and they were even ready to take responsibilities turn by turn.

Question 8: Read the line and answer questions:
Here’s a note!

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Mother Golden said this.

(b) Where was the note?

Answer: The note was there in the baby’s clothes.

(c) What was written in the note?

Answer: “His mother is dead and his father is a waster” was written in the note.

(d) What happened next?

Answer: Mother Golden thought of feeding the baby first.

So, these were Little Benjamin Questions & Answers.

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