Show Off Questions & Answers

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Show Off Questions & Answers

  • Short-tempered – quickly angered
  • Glee – happiness
  • Tuneful pome – (here) a sweet song
  • Twittered – chirped
  • Awhile – (here) now
  • Kingly – like a king
  • Astounded – very surprised
  • Snapped – (here) broke
  • Dumbfounded – amazed

Question 1: Where did the frog live?

Answer: The frog lived in a hole at the foot of a tree.

Question 2: Describe the elephant?

Answer: The elephant was a kingly elephant. It was short-tempered, well-dressed and had a royal attitude.

Question 3: Why did the sparrow twitter?

Answer: The sparrow twittered that it was astounded by the elephant‘s strength.

Question 4: What did the sparrow say?

Answer: The sparrow said that the elephant was very strong and it was astounded by the strength that the king’s elephant had.

Show Off Questions & Answers

Question 5: Who did the frog address as ‘Brother’?

Answer: The frog addressed the sparrow as ‘Brother’.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Show Off Questions & Answers

 (a) What do you understand by the expression ‘swinging slowly by’?

Answer: The expression ‘swinging slowly by’ refers to the slow and stately walk of the king’s elephant.

(b) Why do you think the frog said ‘Oopsy’?

Answer: The frog said ‘Oopsy’ because he was scared and wanted to get out of the elephant’s way.

(c) What does ‘into his hole did fly’ mean?

Answer: ‘Into his hole did fly’ means that the frog jumped into his hole hurriedly.

(d) What happened immediately after this?

Answer: Immediately after this, the frog jumped into his hole and the short-tempered elephant broke a branch of a tree.

Question 7: The frog calls himself a four-footed animal like the elephant. Why do you think the frog wanted the sparrow to think that he was similar to the elephant?

Answer: The frog wanted the sparrow to think that he was similar to the elephant because he wanted to boast about his strength. He wanted the sparrow to think that frogs are just as strong as elephants.

So, these were Show Off Questions & Answers.

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