Street Cries Stanza Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Street Cries Stanza Wise Summary.

The poem is written by Sarojini Naidu who is often remembered for her poems and for her prominent role in India’s freedom struggle. Called as the ‘Nightingale of India’ by Gandhiji, she wrote poems full of patriotic fervor that dwell on our rich cultural heritage. She used to sympathise deeply with the toiling masses of the country and her poems are of great lyrical beauty and sweetness. Below is mentioned its stanza wise summary. I have also shared Bangle Sellers Stanza-Wise Summary which is written by Sarojini Naidu only so, you can check that post as well.

Street Cries Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 1

“When the dawn’s first…………………………………down the eager street.”

When the first sounds of early morning such as twittering of the birds, bells from the temples and brays of the cattle fill the sky, the world which means people inhabiting the earth are awakened. Everyone wakes up to the various calls of the vendors on the streets to go out for their work. Shepherds are taking their cattle to the grassland, farmers are going to their fields to harvest the ripen wheat, corn or rice to earn some profit. Some men are actually on fast and did not have anything since the last night’s supper but they are going hurriedly with their load of bread call out – ‘buy bread’.

Stanza – 2

“When the earth falters…………………………. down the panting street.”

In summers, when earth is dry and the soil loses its strength, the rivers have no water and when there is an unchangeable glare of the afternoon and tired koel birds take shelter in shades and sing very low, these hawkers do not stop their cries – ‘Buy Fruit’. They do not stop even when their throats run dry shouting out for prospective customers and they crave for some liquid to get solace from the scorching heat.

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Street Cries Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 3

“When twilight twinkling……………………………down the singing street.”

During evening hours, when the moonlight shines over the cheerful and enthusiastic market place, the sky is covered with stars and it happens quite sudden. When a stringed musical instrument is being played and odour sticks are lighted, when couples sit on the terraces of the buildings which are calm and tranquil, enjoying a drink which means enjoying the life’s affection, fondness and sweetness, at that time the florist comes on the street to sell flowers.

Sarojini Naidu depicted a clear picture of three different hours of the day and conveyed the importance of the service rendered by the street hawkers according to human needs and moods. She depicted the humble folks quite well who are engaged in their daily task and portrayed the dignity of labour through which the people of India earn their livelihood. The vendors are suitable representatives of the greatness of the land of which they arise and are not merely decorative characters. They are endowed with life and vitality.

So, this was Street Cries Stanza Wise Summary.

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