Susruta An Ancient Plastic Surgeon Questions & Answers

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Susruta An Ancient Plastic Surgeon Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Susruta see when he opened the door?

Answer: When Susruta opened the door, he saw a man kneeling before him. Tears were flowing from his eyes and blood from his disfigured nose.

Question 2: How did Susruta help the traveller?

Answer: Susruta led the traveller to a neat and clean room which was having surgical instruments on its walls. He washes his face with water and the juice of a medicinal plant and offered him a mug of wine. He then started preparing for the operation.

Question 3: Why did Susruta offer the traveller a mug of wine?

Answer: Susruta offered the traveller a mug of wine so that the traveller would not feel any pain while he was operating. The wine made him unconscious and numb for sometime.

Question 4: How did Susruta perform the operation?

Answer: Susruta brought a large leaf of a creeper from the garden and measured the size of the stranger’s nose. Then, he held a knife and foreceps over a flame and cut a strip of flesh from the stranger’s cheek. After bandaging the cut in the cheek, Susruta inserted two pipes into the stranger’s nostrils cautiously and transplanted the flesh to the disfigured nose. He then moulded the flesh into shape and dusted the nose with powdered liquorice, red sandalwood and an extract of Indian barberry. He then finally put a bandage by enveloping the nose in cotton and sprinkling some sesame refined oil on it. That is how, he performed the operation.

Susruta An Ancient Plastic Surgeon Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why is Susruta recognized as the father of plastic surgery today?

Answer: Susruta was able to perform such operation 26 centuries ago which is not greatly different from what a plastic surgeon would do today. Hence, he is recognized as the father of plastic surgery today.

Question 6: What is Susrutasamhita and what does it indicate?

Answer: Susrutasamhita is Susruta’s treatise which has considerable medical knowledge of relevance even today. It indicates that in medical knowledge, India was far ahead of the rest of the world.

Question 7: What is Susruta considered as the father of anaesthesia?

Answer: Susruta gave wine to his patients before the operations which made them unconscious. They could not feel the pain while Susruta operated on them. In the modern day, doctors give anaesthesia to the patients for the same reason. Hence, Susruta is considered as the father of anaesthesia.

Question 8: What was Susruta’s advice to his pupils?

Answer: He advised his pupils to use carcasses and models for practice before surgery. He also told them that it is important to have both theoretical and practical knowledge to succeed in their chosen profession.

Question 9: According to Susruta, who could become a good physician?

Answer: According to Susruta, a person who knows both theory and practice can become a good physician.

So, these were Susruta An Ancient Plastic Surgeon Questions & Answers.

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