The New Blue Dress Questions & Answers

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The New Blue Dress Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Running water – water coming from the main supply when taps are turned on
  • Amazed – filled with great wonder
  • Pavement – footpath
  • Community – people living in the same locality who considered as a unit
  • Excitement – strong feeling
  • Campaigns – a series of planned activities to do something
  • Rail road – railway line
  • Spring – the season of flower, tender leaves and fruit

Question 1: At the beginning of the story, what kind of street was Gates Avenue?

Answer: A part of the city of Cleveland, Gates Avenue was dirty and ugly in the beginning of the story. It had no pavements, no running water facility and no street lighting. It was noisy also because of the nearby railway track.

Question 2: Why was the teacher unhappy?

Answer: The little girl from Gates Avenue Street was very cute but her beauty was covered with dirt and dust. She was hardworking and also behaved politely with others. As her face was dirty and her hair was untidy, no one could see that she was pretty under the dirt. Looking at the condition of such a sweet girl, the teacher felt unhappy.

Question 3: Why do you think the teacher gave the blue dress to the little girl?

Answer: The teacher saw that the little girl was wearing the same dress for the past few months so, she understood that the girl most probably had no other dress to wear. She was kind and sympathetic by nature and took pity on the girl and gave her the new blue dress.

The New Blue Dress Questions & Answers

Question 4: What change did the new blue dress bring in the little girl’s house?

Answer: The little girl’s parents decided to keep the house and the surroundings clean. The girl’s mother put a cloth on the kitchen table and washed the kitchen floor. The girl’s father repaired the fence and with the help of the family members, he made a garden.

Question 5: What amazed the father of the little girl?

Answer: When the father saw his daughter in the new blue dress, he was amazed to find that he had a very pretty little girl. After having supper, he was even more amazed to see a cloth on the kitchen table as the family had never used a table cloth before.

Question 6: How did the change in the little girl’s house influence the neighbours?

Answer: The change in the little girl’s house influence the neighbours too. They started repairing fences, made gardens, painted their houses, etc. All this resulted in the young minister working for pavements, street lights and water taps.

Question 7: What did people do when they heard the story of Gates Avenue?

Answer: When people in other places heard the story of Gates Avenue, they began to organize their own ‘clean up’ campaigns. Since 1913, more than seven thousand towns and cities have organized campaigns for painting and repairing homes and making lives better for the people who live in them.

Question 8: What happened to the street by the end of the story?

Answer: By the end of the story, Gates Avenue changed. There was a pavement, streetlights on the corner and the houses had running water. Gates Avenue had become a tidy street and respectable citizens lived there.

So, these were The New Blue Dress Questions & Answers.

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