Tansen Questions & Answers

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Tansen Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Jealous – feeling unhappy and angry because someone has something that you would like
  • Impressed – admired someone because you notice how good he is
  • Intrigued – very interested in something because it seems strange
  • Devious – using dishonest tricks and deceiving people in order to get what you want
  • Signal – an action that tells someone to do something
  • Dusk – the time before it gets dark when the sky is becoming less bright
  • Applauded – hit your open hands together to show that you have enjoyed a play
  • Perspiring – sweating, becoming wet on parts of your body

Tansen Questions & Answers

Question 1: In whose court was Tansen one of the nine gems?

Answer: Tansen was one of the nine gems in Akbar’s court.

Question 2: Why did Akbar designated Tansen as one of the nine gems in his court?

Answer: Akbar designated Tansen as one of the nine gems in his court because his singing impressed Akbar so much.

Question 3: Why did the courtiers want to cause harm to Tansen?

Answer: The courtiers wanted to cause harm to Tansen because he was Akbar’s favourite and they were jealous.

Question 4: What plan did the courtiers make to destroy the king’s affection for Tansen?

Answer: The courtiers made a plan to make Tansen sing Raag Deepak because whoever sings this Raag properly will get burnt due to the heat.

Question 5: Why was singing of Raag Deepak dangerous?

Answer: Singing of Raag Deepak was dangerous because whoever sings this Raag properly will get burnt due to the heat.

Tansen Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did the courtiers first go to the princess with their plan?

Answer: The courtiers first went to the princess with their plan so that she may become intrigued hearing about Raag Deepak being sung by Tansen. Then, she would tell her father, Akbar to make Tansen sing it. They knew Akbar would never deny his daughter anything.

Question 7: Did the princess know that singing Raag Deepak could cause Tansen to die? Did Akbar know this fact?

Answer: No, neither the princess nor Akbar knew that singing Raag Deepak could cause Tansen to die.

Question 8: What plan did Tansen think of in order to save his life?

Answer: To save his life, Tansen planned for someone to sing Raag Malhar that would rain to put out the fire of Raag Deepak.

Question 9: Who did Tansen choose to help him?

Answer: He chose his daughter Saraswati and her friend Rupvati to help him.

Question 10: What happened on the day of concert?

Answer: On the day of the concert, the entire city gathered to hear Tansen sing. It was dusk when Tansen began singing and soon people felt the air getting warm and they started perspiring. Leaves of nearby trees dried up and fell. As Tansen went on singing, water began to boil and flames shot out of nowhere and lit the lamps.

Tansen Questions & Answers

Question 11: Why did Tansen begin singing Raag Deepak at dusk?

Answer: Tansen began singing Raag Deepak at dusk because this Raag is sung at that time of the day for the lamps to be seen lighting up.

Question 12: Why did the girls wait for the lamps to be lit before singing Raag Malhar?

Answer: The girls waited for the lamps to be lit before singing Raag Malhar because it was planned that it would be a signal for them to begin.

Question 13: What happened when the girls sang the raag they had learnt?

Answer: As they began singing Raag Malhar, the sky got clouded and then it started raining. The rain put out the heat all around and Tansen was saved.

Question 14: What happened to Tansen after this?

Answer: Tansen was very ill after this.

Question 15: Why did Akbar apologise to Tansen?

Answer: Akbar apologised to Tansen because he realized that he had been wrong in forcing him to sing such a life-threatening song.

So, these were Tansen Questions & Answers.

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