The Bus Stop That Ate Children Questions & Answers

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The Bus Stop That Ate Children Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Nightmares – scary dreams
  • Nasty – threatening
  • Massive – large and heavy
  • Scared out of your wits – made someone very frightened
  • Guzzle – drink eagerly and greedily
  • Hornbill – a type of bird with a horn like growth on its beak
  • Rumble – make a continuous deep sound
  • Exhausted – very tired
  • Terrified – scared
  • Rumpled – (looking) untidy

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Precious was waiting at the bus stop to go to

i. the market
ii. her school
iii. the town

(b) Precious was alone at the bus stop and had the company of

i. a boy
ii. a goat
iii. a dog

(c) The bus stop was

i. a small shed
ii. a broken shed
iii. a Baobab tree

(d) The bus stop could give shelter to

i. one or two people
ii. six to seven people
iii. ten to fifteen people

(e) Kapito had told Precious that the thatch of their hut had

i. bats
ii. rats
iii. spirits

(f) What did the witch-tree do to children according to Kapito

i. make them work
ii. eat them
iii. turn them into stone

Question 2: Why was Precious sent for shopping on one Saturday morning?

Answer: Precious was sent for shopping because her mother was busy having the new baby and her big brother, Kapito was chopping maize out in the fields. So, she was given the responsibility of getting rice, cassava and beans from the market.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
‘Rice, cassava, beans,’ said precious to herself’.

(a) Why does precious said the above lines?

Answer: Precious said the above lines to herself as these were the things that she was supposed to buy from the market.

(b) Where was Precious standing and why?

Answer: Precious was standing by the bus stop as she was waiting for the bus to town to do shopping.

(c) How old was precious?

Answer: Precious was ten-year-old.

The Bus Stop That Ate Children Questions & Answers

Question 4: What were Precious’ thoughts about the baobab tree?

Answer: According to Precious, the bus stop was a baobab tree which was massive with a swollen lumpy trunk and is hollow inside. It was a great bus stop as six or seven people could shelter inside it from the sun. However, nothing would make Precious take shelter inside the trunk as she was scared from the tree due to the description given by her brother, Kapito. She thinks that that tree is a witch tree with a warty face and long bony fingers.

Question 5: Why did Kapito like to tell scary stories? What stories did he tell Precious?

Answer: Kapito loved telling scary stories because it used to make him feel good. He told Precious that there were spirits living in the thatch of their hut. He also told her that at night, the walking dead prowled round their hut.

Question 6: What did Precious see inside the witch tree?

Answer: Precious saw a tiny, rumpled baby bird inside the witch tree who flopped onto the nearest branch exhausted.

Question 7: The Baobab tree ‘was a kind of tree you could believe all sorts of things about’. What sorts of things does the author have in mind?

Answer: Kapito told that the tree was a witch who ate up children. The trunk of the tree seemed to have a scowling face, hooked nose and its twigs looked like fingers. So, it was the kind of tree one could believe all sorts of things about (a witch).

Question 8: A ‘gullible’ person is someone who is willing to believe anything or anyone. Is Precious gullible? How can you tell?

Answer: Precious is not entirely gullible. She knew that it was silly for a ten-year-old to believe in the scary stories that her elder brother, Kapito told her.

Question 9: Think appropriate words to describe Kapito. Do you think he enjoys scaring his little sister?

Answer: Though naughty, Kapito was a good story-teller and he loved telling scary stories. This is because it used to make him feel good. At the same time, he was responsible and helpful also. He was helping his mother by chopping maize out in the fields when she was busy having a new baby. Yes, of course he enjoyed scaring her little sister Precious.

Question 10: Which words you use to describe Precious when she is waiting at the bus stop? How does she feel when she realise that the bus stop is not a witch?

Answer: Precious was afraid recalling the scary stories about the baobab tree. She did not stand near it while waiting for the bus. She felt relieved to know that the tree wasn’t a witch in reality.

So, these were The Bus Stop That Ate Children Questions & Answers.

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