Detective No. 30 Questions & Answers

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Detective No. 30 Questions & Answers

Question 1: Rearrange the main events of the story:


…2…He saw the big-nosed man go around to the back of the house.
…1…One day, John saw a man parking his car and followed him into a shop.
…3…He noted down the number of the car.
…5…The next morning, John’s father noticed a newspaper report on the burglary in Mr Stone’s house.
…8…John’s father took Billie and John to the police station.
…6…John’s father called up the police and asked them to come home.
…4…A little later he saw a man with grey whiskers carry a suitcase out of the house.
…7…The police found the burglar after obtaining useful information from John.
…9…John identified the burglar at the police station.
…10…He received a reward of $ 100.

Question 2: Write Yes or No:

(a) John was full-time detective – No
(b) The man left the engine of his running before entering the house because he wanted to make a quick getaway later – Yes
(c) Sticking a seal on the man’s coat helped John notice that the man leaving Mr Stone’s house was the same man who entered it – Yes
(d) John’s father asked the police to come home so that he could tell them who the burglar was – Yes
(e) The report that John’s father read in the newspaper said that the man who burgled Mr Stone’s house had been caught – No
(f) John found it difficult to identify the burglar in the police station because there were other men standing with the burglar – No
(g) Billie had already seen Tarzan but John hadn’t – Yes
(h) The grey-haired gentleman who gave John $ 100 was Mr Stone – Yes

Question 3: Why was John unhappy?

Answer: John was unhappy because his friend Billie had gone to the dentist with his mother and he could not think of anything interesting to do just by himself.

Detective No 30. Questions & Answers

Question 4: What strange did the man do?

Answer: The man went to his parked car, and did something strange. He got in, started his engine, then pulled up the handbrake and got out, leaving his engine running. Looking about, he quickly walked up the path to Mr Stone’s big house and went around to the back of the house.

Question 5: Why did John crept into big empty boxes?

Answer: John was afraid to follow the man however, was afraid to follow the man however, he wanted to see the man’s activities. So, he crept into one of the big empty boxes that were lying on the street. Because through the cracks it was easy to see both the house and the car. He also looked carefully at the license plate of the car.

Question 6: Was the man that entered the house same or different than who left the house?

Answer: No, it was not the same man who had gone in. That man had a smooth face with a big nose, and he wore a hat. The man coming out had grey whiskers and wore a grey cap, and was carrying a suitcase.

Question 7: What did John want from his father and why?

Answer: John wanted some money from his Daddy to see Tarzan.

Question 8: When did John know about theft in Mr Stone’s house?

Answer: When John was having his breakfast with his parents, that time his father was telling his mother about the theft in Mr Stone’s house. So, John came to know about it.

Detective No 30 Questions & Answers

Question 9: Why did John say ‘But it wasn’t a gang’?

Answer: John said so because he knew the thief quite well as he followed him yesterday. He knew that it wasn’t a gang but was a man who has stolen from Mr Stone’s house.

Question 10: What was the information given by John to the police?

Answer: John gave the description of the car used by the thief that it was dark green in colour and was muddy. He also shared car’s license number which proved helpful to the police to pick up that car and gave the description about how the man looked.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:
They’ve got brains.

(a) Who said this line?

Answer: This line is spoken by the burglar.

(b) Who are ‘they’ in the given line?

Answer: They are John (Detective No. 30) and Billie (Detective No. 18).

Question 12: When John identifies him, the burglar says: ‘… you policemen would never have got me without the children.’ Do you agree with the burglar? If yes, give reason.

Answer: Yes, I completely agree with the statement that without children, policemen would never have been able to catch the burglar. It was John who stuck one of the read seals that he was having on the man he was following (burglar) and that is how it became possible to identify the burglar.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:
You’ll surely get it, said the grey-haired gentleman.

(a) What does ‘it’ refer to in the given line?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the reward offered by Mr. Stone for solving the mystery.

(b) Who is going to get ‘it’?

Answer: John is going to get ‘it’ (the reward).

(c) Who was the grey-haired gentleman?

Answer: The grey-haired gentleman was Mr. Stone.

Question 14: A good detective possesses certain qualities. Mention three or four of them.

Answer: A good detective is an honest man with ethics. He has knowledge and logical skills. He thinks critically and solves the problem in no time.

So, these were Detective No 30 Questions & Answers.

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