Pip’s Adventure Questions & Answers

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Pip’s Adventure Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Marshy – a water-logged low-lying land
  • Seized – held
  • Stern – strict and severe
  • Amiable – friendly
  • Coarse – rough or harsh in texture
  • Wittles – a stock or supply of food
  • Giddy – nauseous
  • Ravenous – extremely hungry
  • Savoury – salty or spicy rather than sweet

Question 1: Why did Pip live with his sister Mrs. Joe Gargery?

Answer: Pip lived with his sister Mrs. Joe Gargery because he has lost his parents and five little brothers. All that he knew about them was from seeing their tombstones in the churchyard. So, he was taken care of by his twenty-year-old sister.

Question 2: Why did Pip wander into churchyard?

Answer: Pip wandered into churchyard because he was trying to make out what he could of the inscriptions on his family tombstones.

Question 3: Where did Pip meet the convict?

Answer: Pip met the convict in the churchyard while trying to make out what he could of the inscriptions on his family tombstones.

Question 4: Did he feel threaten by the convict? Why?

Answer: Pip felt threatened by the convict whose sudden appearance was totally unexpected. The convict’s threatful look, terrible voice and threatening words and actions made Pip cry in terror.

Question 5: The convict ordered Pip to get him a file. What use do you think he had of the file?

Answer: The convict actually needed the file to get the iron off his leg and free himself completely from the shackles.

Question 6: What food did Pip steal for the convict?

Answer: Pip stole bread and cheese, mince-meat, some brandy and a pork pie for the convict.

Question 7: What kind of a man was Joe? Explain.

Answer: Joe was a kind-hearted and good man. He was very close to Pip and treated him like a friend. Also, he welcomed the convict to eat pie when he knew that the convict has eaten his pie.

Question 8: How did convict repay for kindness?

Answer: The convict felt grateful to Pip and didn’t tell the soldiers that he had brought food for him. He also sent money for Pip’s education, some years later.

So, these were Pip’s Adventure Questions & Answers.

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