Maggie Cuts her Hair Questions & Answers

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This story is from the novel “The Mill on the Floss”. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of Pip’s Adventure and Detective No. 30 so, you can check these posts as well.

Maggie Cuts her Hair Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Comely – attractive
  • Melancholy – feeling of sadness
  • Ails – troubles
  • Beckoning – make a gesture with head, arm or hand to instruct
  • Queer – odd
  • Haste – act quickly
  • Flushed – red and hot
  • Pang – pain
  • Irrevocable – not able to be changed
  • Spoony – unduly sentimental
  • Ajar – slightly open

Question 1: “Come upstairs with me Tom” Why did Maggie want her brother to go upstairs?

Answer: Maggie wanted to cut her hair so, she wanted her brother Tom to come upstairs and help her in that.

Question 2: Would you say Maggie and Tom were fond of their aunt?

Answer: No, Maggie and Tom were not fond of their aunt because she used to find faults in them.

Question 3: Why did Maggie cut off her hair?

Answer: Maggie did not want her hair to look pretty. She was very angry due to her aunt’s comments. She only wanted people to think her a clever girl and not to find fault with her so, she cut off her hair.

Question 4: You’ll catch it! What exactly did Tom mean by that?

Answer: Tom meant to say that Maggie would be soundly scolded for cutting her hair.

Question 5: She stood with a sense of freedom as if she had come out from a wood into the open plain. Freedom from what? What is compared to a wood and to open plain?

Answer: Maggie felt free and lighter after cutting her thick hair. Her hair is compared to wood and the lighter mane left after chopping the locks is compared to open plain.

Maggie Cuts her Hair Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did Maggie react when Tom exclaimed ‘……What a queer thing you look!’?

Answer: Maggie’s cheeks began to pale and her lips began to tremble a little. She felt upset and unhappy to see herself into the mirror.

Question 7: In paragraph 15, we read that Maggie cheeks began to grow pale and her lips trembled little. What was it caused for change?

Answer: Maggie began to regret her act when she saw that Tom was laughing. She suddenly realized that she would be scolded for being naughty and that she would hardly feel any sense of triumph when she would face her family.

Question 8: Describe what happened when Maggie went down for dinner.

Answer: Mrs Tulliver gave a little scream as she saw her and felt such a ‘turn’ that she dropped the large gravy-spoon into the dish with the most serious results to the table cloth. Her scream made the eyes of all the family members turn towards Maggie.

Question 9: ‘Delicious words of tenderness!’ Whose words are being referred to here?

Answer: These words were being referred to Maggie’s father. When she was upset and hurt due to the words of her family members, only her father’s words felt soothing to her.

Question 10: How is Maggie’s relationship with her father different from her relationship with the other family members?

Answer: Maggie’s relationship with her father was quite different from her relationship with other family members. She shared a special bond with her father. He understood the feelings of Maggie and could feel her pain because of the awkward reaction of other family members. He wanted to give her compassion and warmth.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:
How your husband does spoil that child, Bessy! said Mrs. Glegg, in a loud ‘aside’ to Mrs. Tulliver.

(a) What is Mrs. Tulliver to Maggie?

Answer: Mrs. Tulliver is her mother.

(b) Why did Mrs Glegg say these words?

Answer: Mr. Tulliver took side of Maggie when she cuts her hair that is why Mrs. Glegg was furious.

Question 12: What lesson did you learn from this story?

Answer: The lesson that we learn from the story is that – sometimes the decisions taken in haste bring serious results with them.

So, these were Maggie Cuts her Hair Questions & Answers.

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