The Last Truck Ride Questions & Answers

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The Last Truck Ride Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Unpaved – not covered with stones or bricks
  • Quarry – a pit from which stone or materials are to be extracted
  • Battered – damaged
  • Depot – storehouse/warehouse
  • Strident – loud/harsh
  • Sturdy – strongly and solidly built
  • Scraggy – thin and bony
  • Grumbled – complaining in a bad-tempered way

Question 1: What kind of relationship was there between Pritam and Nathu?

Answer: The relationship between Pritam and Nathu was warm and affectionate. They understood each other, joked and laughed together. They spent a lot of time together and also shared their inner feelings with each other.

Question 2: What kind of a driver was Pritam Singh? Give an example in support of your choice.

Answer: Pritam Singh was a rash and reckless driver. He drove very fast even on the narrow mountain road which had many hairpin bends.

Question 3: Why did Nathu said ‘it will retire before you do’?

Answer: Nathu said this line which means that the truck was very old and was in a very bad condition.

Question 4: Describe the road to the quarry?

Answer: The road to the quarry was steep, unpaved and narrow.

Question 5: What did Nathu mean by the statement, ‘It’s better to grow things on the land than to blast things out of it’?

Answer: Nathu realized that it was better to earn a living by agriculture while conserving nature. Blasting the mountains and quarrying caused damage to the environment which was irreversible. So, it is our responsibility to work in harmony with nature while earning a living.

Question 6: What did Pritam Singh learn from the accident?

Answer: From the accident, Pritam Singh learnt that trees play an important role in our lives. Rather than saving them, we are destroying them and are playing with nature. He also made Nathu aware of the importance of the trees. Nathu then decided to go back his home and choose farming as profession. Pritam Singh also learnt that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
The hills were bare and dry. Much of the forest had long since disappeared; just a few scraggy old oaks still grew on the steep hillside.

(a) Why were the hills bare and dry?

Answer: The hills were bare and dry because of extraction at the quarry.

(b) Where were Pritam and Nathu going?

Answer: Pritam and Nathu were going to the quarry.

(c) Were the hills near Nathu’s village in the same condition?

Answer: No, they were not in the same condition.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
It will retire before you do.

(a) Who is ‘it’ here?

Answer: ‘It’ here is the truck.

(b) What does it tell us about its age?

Answer: It is old and nearing a stage where it would not be able to run well.

So, these were The Last Truck Ride Questions & Answers.

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