More Than True Questions & Answers

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More Than True Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were the names of the cities which the grandpa had passed through?

Answer: The names of the cities which the grandpa had passed through: Fuchung, Hangchow and Chungkung.

Question 2: What did grandpa read in The Arabian Nights?

Answer: The grandpa read about a beautiful of China in The Arabian Nights.

Question 3: What did the princess do instead of throwing the grandpa out?

Answer: Instead of throwing the grandpa out, the princess gave him tea in a golden cup – tea laced with chrysanthemums, bearing the most marvellous scent.

Question 4: What was the name of the princess and her kingdom?

Answer: The princess’ name was Angchani and her kingdom was Hangchow.

Question 5: Why would geography conjured up by the Yang-tse-kiang river not help anyone to pass an exam?

Answer: Grandpa had conjured up a picture of Yang-tse-kiang river that included imaginary details. These details were fictional and not factual in nature. Describing such details would not help anyone to pass an exam.

Question 6: What was the princess doing when grandpa saw her?

Answer: When grandpa saw her, she was feeding her ‘milk white peacock’ with pomegranate seeds.

More Than True Questions & Answers

Question 7: What did he tell the princess about himself? Why did it ‘save’ him?

Answer: When grandpa met the princess, he introduced himself as the crown prince of Bengal. It saved him from getting thrown out from the palace since the princess would not have entertained a common man.

Question 8: ‘That’s the sort of person I am.’ What sort of a person was he?

Answer: Grandfather had a very fertile imagination. He was very spontaneous and witty. He could easily frame up stories about whatever he saw around himself. 

Question 9: What all landscapes and places did the grandfather come across?

Answer: He came across the cities, Fuchung, Hangchow, Chungkung. He crossed many deserts. He also came upon the jungle on the foot of the Ush-khush Mountains. He also saw olive grapes and vineyards. All these were figments of his imagination. 

Question 10: Fairy tales and fables appear to children alone. Discuss.

Answer: Children love to be fantasized. Their make-believe world is an ideal place full of beauty. There is no place for harsh, ugly realities of life. So, fairy tales appeal to the children as they are full of goodness and excitement.

Question 11: Children love listening to stories not reading them. Discuss.

Answer: Listening to stories provides them with enough imaginative space to visualize the characters. The expression and tone of the story teller makes them relive the experience. While listening to the story-teller they satisfy their curiosity as in the story ’More-than-true’.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:
‘I remembered in a flash.’

(a) Who does ‘I’ refer to in the given line?

Answer: ‘I’ refers to the grandpa in the above line.

(b) What did ‘I’ remember in a flash?

Answer: ‘I’ remembers in the flash that he was the crown prince of Bengal.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:
‘That’s one power I do have. I suddenly catch sight of things that aren’t meant to be seen.’

(a) Who does ‘I’ refer to here?

Answer: ‘I’ refers to the grandpa.

(b) What power has he been talking about?

Answer: He has been talking about his power of catching sight of things suddenly that aren’t meant to be seen.

(c) Find a word from the given extract which means the same as ‘instantly’.

Answer: Suddenly

So, these were More Than True Questions & Answers.

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