The Clever Thug Questions & Answers

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The Clever Thug Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. The dacoits fooled Moolchand over and again – False
2. Moolchand had made his horse swallow silver coins – True
3. The rabbit reached Moolchand within minutes – False
4. The rabbit flew to the forest when released by the dacoits – True
5. The dacoits knew that they were drowning a shepherd boy – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Moolchand was a

(a) thug
(b) robber
(c) trader

2. Who was the leader of dacoits?

(a) Vir Singh
(b) Chaudhary
(c) Sukhbir

3. Where did the dacoits plan to stay?

(a) village
(b) forest
(c) town

4. What did Moolchand made his horse to swallow?

(a) gold coins
(b) silver coins
(c) gold bangles

5. With his tricks Moolchand was able to get rid of

(a) dacoits
(b) lion
(c) giant

Question 3: Where was the village of Moolchand?

Answer: The village of Moolchand was on the banks of Ganges.

Question 4: Who was the leader of the dacoits?

Answer: Chaudhary was the leader of the dacoits.

Question 5: Where did Moolchand go to tie his horse?

Answer: Moolchand went to tie his horse to a tree in woods.

Question 6: What did Moolchand make his horse to swallow?

Answer: Moolchand made his horse to swallow silver coins.

Question 7: Where did the rabbit escape?

Answer: The rabbit escaped into the forest.

Question 8: Who was Moolchand?

Answer: Moolchand was a thug. His occupation was to deprive people of their money and property by using various tricks.

Question 9: What trick did Moolchand play in selling a rabbit?

Answer: Moolchand brought a couple of similar looking rabbits and told his wife to ask the rabbit and call him when the dacoits would come and ask for him. When dacoits came to teach Moolchand a lesson, his wife asked the rabbit to call Moolchand.

The rabbit ran away to the jungle. A little after Moolchand came with the other rabbit. Chaudhary realised the importance of the rabbit. Instead of taking revenge upon Moolchand, he offered to purchase the rabbit. This was the trick that Moolchand played in selling a rabbit.

Question 10: What did the shepherd boy ask Moolchand to do?

Answer: Curious to marry soon, the shepherd boy asked Moolchand to pack him into the bag.

Question 11: Did Moolchand get goats from the Ganges?

Answer: No, Moolchand did not get goats from the Ganges. He got them from the shepherd boy by using his cunning tricks.

Question 12: How did Moolchand get rid of the dacoits?

Answer: Chaudhary heard that Moolchand was alive and had become the owner of forty goats. He came to his house to confirm. Chaudhary also wanted to have those goats and so, he asked Moolchand to tie them and throw into the Ganges. Moolchand did the same and that is how he got rid of all the dacoits by using his cunning tricks.

Question 13: What happened when Chaudhary came to Moolchand for the first time?

Answer: When Chaudhary came to Moolchand for the first time, he saw him breaking the dung of the horse. Upon asking by Chaudhary, Moolchand told that his horse excretes silver coins. Chaudhary proposed him to buy the horse. Moolchand made fool of the dacoits and he sold his ordinary horse to them for fifty thousand rupees.

So, these were The Clever Thug Questions & Answers.

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