The Demon and The Dancer Questions & Answers

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The Demon and The Dancer Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Was moved – was happy with the demon’s devotion
  • Given the demon his word – promised the demon
  • Anklets – chains with bells worn around ankles
  • Twirled around – turned around quickly and lightly
  • Nasty – dirty, harmful
  • Whirled – spun round fast

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Bhasmasura got his name because________.

i. he was the king of fire and ashes.
ii. he was a good dancer.
iii. everything he touched turned to ashes.

(b) When Bhasmasura got his power, he became________.

i. mad with it.
ii. a great ruler.
iii. contented.

(c) When Bhasmasura started destroying all living beings, the people became________.

i. happy
ii. old
iii. frightened

(d) In order to defeat Bhasmasura, the young dancer used her________.

i. magic
ii. intelligence
iii. physical strength

Question 2: Arrange these sentences in the correct order:


…4…Bhasmasura asked that any being he touched on the head should turn into ashes.
…1…Once, a clever demon wanted to be the most powerful being on earth.
…3…The god finally appeared before him and asked him what he wanted.
…6…One day a dancer asked him to dance with her.
…2…He prayed to the god of power for a long time.
…8…The dancer made all kinds of movements and he matched all her steps.
…10…At once he sank into a heap of ashes.
…5…Bhasmasura went wild with this power and killed everyone he came across.
…7…Bhasmasura was fond of dancing and so he readily agreed.
…9…Then she put her hand over her head and Bhasmasura, without thinking, copied her.

Question 3: What does the word ‘Bhasmasura’ mean?

Answer: Bhasmasura means demon of ashes. He had the power to reduce all living beings to ashes with his touch.

Question 4: What did Bhasmasura do with his power?

Answer: Bhasmasura went mad with his power. He became proud of himself and went around every living being and touching them reducing to ashes.

Question 5: Who do you think the dancer was?

Answer: The dancer could have been the god of power who had been worried about giving young demon such a nasty and powerful weapon.

Question 6: Was Bhasmasura wise or foolish?

Answer: Basmasura was a foolish demon because he used his boon for destruction. He also followed the actions of the dancer thoughtlessly.

Question 7: Why do you think no one could find the dancer afterwards?

Answer: The dancer was a god or goddess who soon disappeared after punishing Bhasmasura.

So, these were The Demon and The Dancer Questions & Answers.

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