An Adventure Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share An Adventure Questions & Answers.

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An Adventure Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Crumpled – wrinkled and crushed
  • Ancient ruins – very old damaged buildings
  • Creepers – plants with long stems that grow up trees or walls
  • Gag – here, a piece of cloth tied over someone’s mouth to stop them from speaking
  • Crumbling – falling to pieces
  • In no time – immediately
  • Smugglers – people who take goods into or out of a country unlawfully

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Arun’s favourite hiding place was________.

i. the cave
ii. Meena Bazaar
iii. the temple.

(b) Arun was soon out of sight because________.

i. he was hiding
ii. he had lost his way
iii. Seema did not know the way

(c) At the entrance to the cave, Seema found________.

i. a smuggler
ii. a piece of paper
iii. Arun

(d) The man they found near the dry river bed was a________.

i. smuggler
ii. policeman
iii. thief

(e) The man had been following some________.

i. smugglers
ii. police officers
iii. thieves

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Arun and Seema went to visit their grandparents in Vishnupur – False
(b) Seema and Arun loved to go for walks around the ruins – True
(c) Arun found a piece of paper with CLP written on it – False
(d) Seema wanted Arun to throw the paper away – False
(e) The children ran back to their grandparents’ house with the man – True

Question 3: What kind of a town was Vishnupur?

Answer: Vishnupur was a small, quite town surrounded by green hills and some ancient ruins.

Question 4: What did Seema and Arun enjoy doing in Vishnupur?

Answer: Seema and Arun loved going for walks and spending hours exploring the old temple in a fort nearby and also played hide-and-seek in Vishnupur.

Question 5: How did the children know someone was in trouble?

Answer: The children know someone was in trouble as the children found a crumpled slip on which it was written CLP. After looking at it carefully, they could make out that it was ELP which might be HELP.

Question 6: How did Seema and Arun rescue the man?

Answer: Seema and Arun found the man near the dry river. He had a gag on his mouth and was struggling to free himself. The children removed the gag and helped him free his hands and feet.

So, these were An Adventure Questions & Answers.

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