The Dragon Rock Questions & Answers

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The Dragon Rock Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The children chittered and chattered in their favourite spot.
2. Often on a cool night, when the children were peacefully asleep, grown-ups would sit with mugs of steaming cocoa.
3. The little poem was etched into everyone’s minds and sometimes on Grandma’s embroidery.
4. The torrent knocked over a farmer’s haystack, but he didn’t care.
5. The children would have the day off, for it was known as Water Dragon’s Day.

Question 2: Why is the children’s favourite spot important to the story.

Answer: The children’s favourite spot is important to the story because the spot was large, long, scaly rock that looked amazingly similar to a sleeping dragon and the story revolves around the dragon.

Question 3: Everyone knew that the large, scaly rock was indeed a dragon. Why was no one scared of the dragon?

Answer: No one was scared of the dragon because it never ever moved.

Question 4: ‘Meanwhile the children had a plan.’ What was the plan?

Answer: The plan was to place bunches of flowers around the dragon in a big circle. They scattered petals around its head and over its nose, then danced around and around it, skipping and chanting the rhyme that they all knew so well.

Question 5: Why were the people of the valley happy when the dragon woke up?

Answer: The people of the valley were happy when the dragon woke up because they heard stories about the dragon helping them out of their problems by making a lake.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘The dragon will help us soon,’ said one child. ‘He must do something’ agreed another.

(a) Why did the children need help?

Answer: The children needed help because their valley was very hot and there was no water as it was not raining. It was too hot for the children to play out in the direct sun.

(b) What made the children believe that the dragon would help them?

Answer: The children believed that the dragon would help them because they heard the tale of the dragon from their grandmothers for years that in times of trouble, the dragon will wake and will free the village by making a lake.

2. ‘HMMMMM,’ sighed the dragon sleepily,’ now that I’m, awake.’

(a) How did the dragon wake up?

Answer: The dragon woke up when the pollen in the air went into his stony grey nostrils and he twitched his nose.

(b) What did the dragon do soon after saying these words?

Answer: The dragon disappeared in the cool, dark water soon after saying these words.

(c) What did the people do in his memory?

Answer: The people celebrated the ‘Water Dragon Day’, every year in his memory.

Question 7: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. The people of the valley were scared of the dragon – False
2. The rock looked amazingly similar to a sleeping dragon – True
3. The dragon helped the people of the valley – True
4. The children loved playing in their favourite spot – True
5. Mythical creatures are real – False
6. The severe heat did not make the children dizzy – False

So, these were The Dragon Rock Questions & Answers.

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