Uncle Ken At The Wheel Questions & Answers

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Uncle Ken At The Wheel Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Porridge – it is a thick sticky food made from oats, cooked in water or milk and eaten hot especially for breakfast.
  • Greasing – putting oil on something
  • Jingling – making a repeated gentle ringing sound
  • Anxiously – in a way that shows you are worried or nervous
  • Marmalade – jam made from orange or lemon
  • Occupant – a person who lives in a room or building
  • Decent – socially acceptable
  • Miserable – very unhappy
  • Steering – controlling the direction of a vehicle
  • Knocked – hit forcefully and cause to move or fall

Question 1: What did Granny prepare for breakfast for Ruskin?

Answer: Granny prepared for Ruskin a breakfast of porridge, scrambled eggs on toast, meat with fried tomatoes, toast and marmalade and sweet milky tea.

Question 2: How did Uncle Ken think of earning a living in Dehra?

Answer: Uncle Ken thought of driving a taxi in Dehra to earn a living.

Question 3: Why did Uncle Ken think that it was a good idea?

Answer: Uncle Ken thought that it was a good idea because there was only one taxi in the whole of Dehra.

Question 4: What did Uncle Ken do to prepare himself for it?

Answer: Uncle Ken prepared himself by taking driving lessons for an hour every evening and by cleaning up his uncle’s old vintage car.

Question 5: What did Miss Kellner do when she saw Uncle Ken driving the car?

Answer: Miss Kellner, who was coming out for her evening rikshaw ride, went indoors again when she saw Uncle Ken driving the car.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
‘Have you given up the hotel job?’ asked Granny.

(a) Who did Granny say these words to?

Answer: Granny said these words to Uncle Ken.

(b) Which hotel is referred to?

Answer: Firpo’s Hotel in Shimla is referred to.

(c) What was the listener’s response?

Answer: The listener’s response was that the hotel he was working in had closed down.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
‘Delighted to see you, old chap! He exclaimed.

(a) Who does he refer to here?

Answer: ‘He’ is referred to the Maharaja of Jetpur.

(b) Who does ‘old chap’ refer to?

Answer: ‘Old chap’ is referred to Uncle Ken.

(c) How did the old chap reach the place?

Answer: The old chap knocked the single-brick wall and halted in the middle of the Maharaja’s lawn with his car.

So, these were Uncle Ken At The Wheel Questions & Answers.

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