Tartary Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Tartary Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Walter de la Mare. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Little Green Orchard and Someone which are the poems written by Walter de la Mare only so, you can check these posts as well.

Tartary Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mandoline – a musical instrument
  • Athwart – from side to side
  • Bray – to make harsh loud cry like a donkey
  • Bird-delighting – that can make the birds happy
  • Dale – a valley
  • Citron-trees – trees with lemon-like fruits
  • Gay – happy and cheerful
  • Haunt – to live and visit
  • Glen – a narrow valley
  • Harp – a string musical instrument
  • Scimitar – a short curved sword
  • Glades – forests

Question 1: Write the words that mean the following:

(a) Across, especially in a slanting direction – athwart
(b) Gold hammered into a flat, thin shape – beaten gold
(c) Tilt, move at an angle – slant
(d) Show off proudly – flaunt

Question 2: Write the names of the exotic animals and musical instruments mentioned in the poem.

Answer: Exotic animals mentioned in the poem are – zebras, peacocks, tigers, fishes.
Exotic musical instruments mentioned in the poem are – mandoline, trumpet, harp, flute.

Question 3: Mention three phrases that tell you “he is a wealthy king”?

Answer: The three phrases that tell us that “he is a wealthy king” are:
i. He wants his throne to be made of beaten gold.
ii. He wants his bed to be of ivory.
iii. He wants a robe of beads

Question 4: What does the poet wish to wear?

Answer: The poet wants to wear a robe of white, gold and green beads with a scimitar.

Question 5: From the poem, write three words that refer to a beautiful valley.

Answer: Vale, Dale and Glen.

Tartary Questions & Answers

Question 6: Write three lines from the poem that use comparisons.


i. Yellow as honey, red as wine.
ii. Her trembling lake like foam less seas.
iii. And clustered thick as seed.

Question 7: Describe the carriage of the poet?

Answer: The poet wants his carriage to be drawn by seven zebras through the Tartary’s glades.

Question 8: Complete the following phrases with the help of the poem:


(a) Silver-pale rivers.
(b) Sweet and gay music.
(c) Trembling lake.
(d) Scented breeze.
(e) Bird-delighting citron-trees.

Question 9: Write figure of speech in the given line:

(a) Of beaten gold my throne.

Answer: Inversion – The word order has been changed. The correct word order is ‘my throne of beaten gold’.

(b) Glen, thicket, wood and dale.

Answer: Tautology – The words ‘glen’ and ‘dale’ which mean the same are used in the same line for a better poetic effect.

(c) Yellow as honey, red as wine.

Answer: Lamp’s yellow shine is directly compared to honey and its red shine is compared to wine.

(d) Her rivers silver-pale!

Answer: Exclamation – A strong emotion is expressed for a better poetic effect.

Tartary Questions & Answers

Question 10: Answer the following:

(a) What does the poet wish to be?

Answer: The poet wishes to be the Lord of Tartary.

(b) Of what is the throne of the Lord of Tartary made?

Answer: The throne of the Lord of Tartary is made of beaten gold.

(c) Who will summon the poet for every meal?

Answer: The trumpeters will summon the poet for every meal every day.

(d) How does the poet describe the valley of the hills of Tartary?

Answer: The poet describes the valley of the hills of Tartary as full of dense, thick and citron trees.

(e) Why does the poet describe the valley as purple?

Answer: During dusk when the sun has just set, the shy looks purple and when we look far into the valley, that too looks purple.

(f) What is found in the Lord of Tartary’s court and forest?

Answer: In the Lord of Tartary’s court, peacocks are found and, in the forests, tigers are found.

(g) What kind of robe would the Lord of Tartary wear?

Answer: The Lord of Tartary would wear robe of white. Gold and green beads that would be clustered like seeds.

(h) When will the poet wear the robe?

Answer: The poet will wear the robe before the morning-star wanes out.

Question 11: Write about the daily routine of the ‘Lord of Tartary’.

Answer: The ‘Lord of Tartary’ would get up early in the morning. He would wear a dress of green, white and gold beads. These beads would be placed very close to each other just like seeds. He would wear his robe and take his sharp sword before the waning of the morning star. Then, he would go out in the valley in his carriage drawn by seven zebras. At meal time, he would be called by trumpeters that would give out a loud cry in the courtyard. In the evening, he would enjoy the shining lamps and sweet music played by musicians. At night, he would enjoy the fishing stars and the scented breeze by the lake side lined with citron trees.

So, these were Tartary Questions & Answers.

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