Madame Curie Questions & Answers

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Madame Curie Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Isolating – Here, separating; obtaining in a pure form
  • Patent – The sole right to make, use or sell something
  • Highly impertinent – Very rude or disrespectful
  • Are almost fanatical about our privacy – Hate to share details of our private lives
  • Baptise – A Christian naming ceremony, done with holy water
  • Eccentrics – Strange or unusual people

Question 1: What did Madame Dluska mean when she said, “This is only the beginning”?

Answer: The newspaper reporters were asking many questions to Curies. Because the Curies were private people, they wanted to be left alone. Madame Dluska’s comment had to do with this. By this statement, “This is only the beginning”, Madame Dluska wants to indicate that this is the beginning of their success and fame and very soon the whole of Paris and the most reputed personalities will be knocking at their door.

Question 2: Why was Madame Dluska disappointed that the Curies would not go to Sweden?

Answer: Madame Dluska was disappointed that the Curies would not go to Sweden because she had dreamt of designing Marie’s new dress and wanted to accompany them for the ceremonial meeting.

Question 3: “The Curies were private people”. – illustrate with examples from the story.

Answer: The Curies did not encourage the press reporters to ask personal questions. They did not want to go to Sweden to receive the prize in front of a large audience. They also did not show interest to meet the king of Greece. All this shows that the Curies were not after fame and wanted rather to be left alone so that they could continue to do their work in peace.

Question 4: Despite their success, what irony marked the lives of the Curies?

Answer: The irony that the Nobel Prize and all the fame that it brought the Curies in its wake did not really get them what they wanted. Pierre did not become a professor at the University of Sorbonne. They did not even get a laboratory. Their own nation was the last to recognize their contribution to scientific knowledge and it was only Pierre’s school which supported their work with the little bit of money it had of its own.

Madame Curie Questions & Answers

Question 5: Did the Nobel Prize bring the Curies what they wanted?

Answer: The Curies’ research was not aimed at winning an award. All they wanted was to continue their work without disturbance. It mattered little to them that the Nobel Prize would make them rich. They were not interested in improving their material circumstances or being known to the world. They were scientists and they were only concerned with their research. So, in a way, the Nobel Prize made little difference to them. In fact, they felt that it had only resulted in a lot of annoyance and invasion of their privacy.

Question 6: Do you think the Curies’ close relationship contributed to their success?

Answer: The Curies were husband and wife but they were also independent and talented scientists. They respected each other as such. When a reporter asked Madame Curie how she managed to be a good wife and mother and if her husband object to her being away in the laboratory, she replied by saying that scientists must be interested in things, not in people. She could speak with confidence because she knew that she had her husband’s full support in her research work. In fact, her work complemented and supported her husband’s work. Their relationship certainly contributed to their success.

Question 7: What does the last anecdote tell you about Madame Curie?

Answer: The last anecdote tells us that Madam Curie was truly a unique person. Anybody else would have felt thrilled and proud at the prospect of meeting the king, but Madame Curie was thinking only of her work. She did not see how being presented to a king would be of any practical use to her work. She always put her work before herself. This shows an amazing clarity of conviction and dedication to work. It also shows that she was not attached to the material things of this world. She was extremely honest about what she thought was of importance to her research.

So, these were Madame Curie Questions & Answers.

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