The Evergreens Questions & Answers

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The Evergreens Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was the bird proud?

Answer: The bird was proud because she had beautiful wings.

Question 2: How did she break her wing?

Answer: One day, suddenly, the bird dashed against a chimney and broke her wings.

Question 3: What do birds do in winter?

Answer: In winter, the birds fly away to warmer places.

Question 4: Did the bird fly to the warm south when the cold days came? What did the bird do?

Answer: No, the bird didn’t fly to the warm south when the cold weather came. She hopped from tree to tree seeking for shelter.

Question 5: What did the bird hear from the wood? To whom did the voice suggest for help?

Answer: She heard a voice saying, “Little bird, I forgive you.” The voice suggested the pine tree for help.

Question 6: Who sent the north wind to shake off the leaves?

Answer: King winter sent the north wind to shake off the leaves from the trees.

Question 7: How did the pine, the fir and the Jupiter tree help the bird?

Answer: The pine tree said the bird to hop into its branches and rest. The fir tree agreed to offer shelter to the bird from icy winds. The juniper tree offered the bird to eat its berries whenever she feels hungry.

Question 8: How did King Winter reward the pine, fir and the Jupiter trees?

Answer: King Winter told the North Wind to let the pine, fir and the Jupiter trees keep their dresses of green as they were kind to the little bird.

Question 9: Complete the following sentences:

1. The little bird hopped home because her wings were broken.
2. The bird asked the oak tree and willow tree for shelter.
3. The pine, fir and the Jupiter trees are called the evergreens. They are the most popular trees at Christmas time.

Question 10: Who said the following?

(a) “Whom you are laughing at”.

Answer: The mouse

(b) “See my lovely wings”.

Answer: The bird

(c) “Out you go!”.

Answer: The oak tree.

(d) “Hop into my branches and rest”

Answer: The pine tree

(e) “Come, eat my berries”

Answer: The Juniper tree

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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