The Golden Fountain Questions & Answers

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The Golden Fountain Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Appear – to give the impression of doing something.
  • Glitter – shine brightly
  • Plain – something very ordinary and not special in any way.
  • Shock – a strong feeling of surprise.
  • Shine – shine brightly
  • Cycled – rode a bicycle
  • Wish – to want something to happen

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“But, but this fountain is not made of gold, nor does it have golden water. It is made of stone and has plain water”.

(a) Whose words are these?
Answer: Sana spoke these words.

(b) Which fountain is being talked about here?
Answer: The fountain of the other house.

(c)  Why did the speaker say so?
Answer: The speaker said so because she was shocked.

(d)  What did the speaker realise?
Answer: The speaker realised that the things that glitter or shine may not be as beautiful as they appear.

Question 2: Where was the other house situated and what did it have in its garden?

Answer: The other house was situated on a hill right in front of Sana’s house. It had a golden fountain in its garden.

Question 3: What did Sana wish to have in her own garden?

Answer: Sana wished to have a golden fountain in her own garden.

Question 4: Why was Sana shocked?

Answer: Sana was shocked because the fountain was not made of gold. It was just a plain fountain made of stones and water.

Question 5: Why did the fountain appear golden to Sana?

Answer: The rays of the Sun made the fountain shine like gold, so it appeared golden to Sana.

Question 6: What message does the story Golden Fountain gives you?

Answer: We have learnt that All that glitters is not gold. All that looks beautiful may not be so.

The Golden Fountain Questions & Answers

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

On reaching there, she saw that it was a simple fountain, made of stone and plain water. As she was returning home, she could see her own fountain, it was golden in colour. She suddenly understood what the matter was. It was the rays of the sun that made the fountain shine like gold.

(a) Who reached there?
Answer: Sarah reached there.

(b) What was the fountain actually made of?
Answer: It was actually made of stone and water.

(c) How did Sana reach there?
Answer: Sana reach there on her bicycle.

Question 8: Write whether the following statements are True or False.

(a) Sana got a car on her birthday False
(b) All that glitters is not gold – True
(c) Sana returned home sad – False
(d) Sana could see another house – True
(e) The fountain was made of stone and water – True

Question 9: Give synonyms of following:

Presented – showed, displayed, introduced
Appear – look, show, pop
Plain – simple, bare, sober

So, these were The Golden Fountain Questions & Answers.

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