The King’s Condition Questions & Answers

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The King’s Condition Questions & Answers

  • Manner – the way something is done
  • Wisdom – being wise
  • Thrilled – very excited
  • Surprised – amazed
  • Courtiers – an attendant at a court
  • Assembles – comes together as a group
  • Puzzled – caused to feel confused
  • Bears – carries something

Question 1: What did King Krishnadev Raya give to each courtier?

Answer: The king gave fifty gold coins to each courtier.

Question 2: What was the condition laid by the king?

Answer: The condition was that courtiers had to see the kings face every time they spent a gold coin.

Question 3: Read the sentence and answer the questions:

“At the end of the week, show me all that you have bought, but there is a condition.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: King, Krishnadev Raya said these words to his courtiers.

(b) What is the condition?

Answer: The condition was that every time the courtiers spend a gold coin, they have to see the king’s face.

(c) How did the listener/ listeners react to the ‘condition’?

Answer: The listeners were puzzled on hearing the condition.

(d) What happened next?

Answer: After hearing the condition all the courtiers went to the market to buy things.

Question 4: Why were the courtiers puzzled?

Answer: The courtiers were puzzled because they did not understand how they could see the king’s face in the market.

Question 5: How did Tenalirama fulfil the king’s condition?

Answer: Tenalirama saw the face of the king which every coin was bearing before spending them. In this way, he could fulfil the king’s condition.

The King’s Condition Questions & Answers

Question 6: What did Tenalirama buy for himself?

Answer: Tenalirama bought new clothes and ornaments for himself.

Question 7: ‘The courtiers have no reply.’ Why did the courtiers have no reply?

Answer: The courtiers had no reply when the king asked them how they had spent the gold coins because they could not spend even a single gold coin.

Question 8: Was the King happy with Tenalirama’s solution? Which sentence from the story tells us that?

Answer: Yes, the King was happy with Tenalirama’s solution because this was the only solution to spend gold coins given to them.

‘The King smiles at Tenalirama’. This sentence from the story tells us that the King was happy with Tenalirama’s solution.

Question 9: Choose the correct sentence:

(a) Why did some courtiers stay in the market for one whole week?

i. They had no homes.

ii. They thought that the king might come to the market and they could see his face, then spend the gold coins.

iii. The king had told them to spend the gold coins.

(b) Why could the courtiers not spend any of the gold coins?

i. They did not like anything in the market.

ii. They were poor.

iii. They could not see the king’s face.

So, these were The King’s Condition Questions & Answers.

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