The Golden Swan Questions & Answers

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The Golden Swan Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Awestruck – impressed by someone or something
  • Generous – willing or wanting to give freely
  • Exemplary – being a good example for someone
  • Engraved – carved on wood stone, etc.
  • Studded – decorated with metals gems stones, etc.
  • Inspect – look closely at something
  • Grant – give permission for something
  • Waterlogged – a place of a field filled with water

The Golden Swan Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Ramu and Shamu earn a living?

Answer: Ramu was a rice farmer and Shamu grew vegetables to earn a living.

Question 2: Whose harvest was destroyed and how?

Answer: Shamu’s harvest was destroyed by floods and his field was waterlogged.

Question 3: Who found the golden swan and how?

Answer: Shamu found the golden swan while he was tilling (digging) the land.

Question 4: What was the dispute all about?

Answer: Both friends wanted to each other to have the statue of the golden swan and did not want to keep it for themselves.

Question 5: Why was the king amused?

Answer: The king was amused as very rarely did anyone come to him because someone was not accepting an expensive item.

The Golden Swan Questions & Answers

Question 6: What was Tenaliraman’s suggestion regarding the conflict? Did the kings and courtiers like his suggestions?

Answer: Tenaliraman suggested that the golden swan statue be auctioned and proceedings be used to build a beautiful garden and the story of the two great friends be engraved on a pillar for all to appreciate.

Question 7: Read the sentence and answer the questions that follow. Who should this swan belong to?

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Krishnadev Raya said these words to his courtiers.

(b) Why did the speaker ask this question?

Answer: The speaker asked the question to check the intelligence of his courtiers.

(c) Who answer the question with intelligence?

Answer: Tenaliraman answered the question with intelligence.

Question 8: Choose the correct answer:

(a) Who is the king in this story?

i. Tenaliraman

ii. Krishnadev Raya

iii. Chatur Pandit

(b) What were the two friends carrying?

i. The golden statue of a swan.

ii. The bronze statue of a swan.

iii. The silver statue of a swan.

(c) Who offered a part of his land to his friend?

i. Ramu

ii. Chatur Pandit

iii. Shamu

(d) Who was the witty minister?

i. The king’s treasurer

ii. Chatur Pandit

iii. Tenaliraman

So, these were The Golden Swan Questions & Answers.

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