Health is Wealth Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Health is Wealth Questions & Answers.

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Health is Wealth Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Attendants – people whose job is to assist
  • Surprise – something that is unexpected
  • Performed – carried out an action or task
  • Importance – value
  • Ordinary – not unusual

Health is Wealth Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the announcement made by the proclaimer? Why was such an announcement made?

Answer: The proclaimer announced about the illness of the village headman. He did so because whoever will find the cure will get an award from the headman.

Question 2: What was the reason behind this condition of headman?

Answer: The reason behind this condition of headman was the lack of exercise and over eating done by him.

Question 3: How decided to help the headman and why?

Answer: Ramabai, an old and hardworking lady understood the cause of illness and decided to help the headman.

Question 4: How did Ramabai prepare herself to treat the headman?

Answer: Ramabai made a plan, packed her bag, tied her hair in a bun and went to the house of the headman.

Question 5: What treatment did Ramabai suggest for the village headman?

Answer: Ramabai suggested that the headman had to walk from the main gate to the neem tree, pluck five leaves and come back to the gate.

Health is Wealth Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why do you think Ramabai asked the headman to chew leaves from the neem leaves?

Answer: Neem leaves were just an excuse to make the headman to walk and do some exercise which he never did on his own.

Question 7: Why did the headman relax for the whole day after the first day of treatment?

Answer: After the first day of treatment, he was so tired of walking that he relaxed for the whole day.

Question 8: Choose the correct answer:

(a) ‘It is an illness the medicine for which is not even known to the best physician.’ Why was it so?

i. The physician was not qualified
ii. The headman suffered from no illness, therefore, he could not get cured.
iii. The headman suffered from a rare illness.

(b) The headman fell ill because of………………..

i. Exercising
ii. Overeating
iii. Not exercising and overeating

(c) Who was Ramabai?

i. A physician
ii. A poor lady
iii. A headman

(d) What was the cure of the headman’s illness?

i. The leaves of the neem trees
ii. The bark of the neem tree
iii. The walk from the main gate of the house to the tree and back to the main gate.

Question 9: Match the following:

Column AColumn B
a. Ramabaii. shouts to make an announcement
b. The proclaimerii. is becoming fat
c. Due to his illness, the headmaniii. Can sit, stand up and walk by himself.
d. After thirty days, the headmaniv. Is hard-working
Answer: a.-iv, b.-i, c.-ii, d-iii

So, these were Health is Wealth Questions & Answers.

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