The Lama Questions & Answers

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The Lama Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘But when he glanced up apologetically, he saw the little Lama’s black eyes glittering with excitement.’

(a) Who glanced up?

Answer: Debu glanced up at the Lama.

(b) Why did he feel apologetic?

Answer: He felt apologetic because as he bent down to bow respectfully to the Lama, the top in his pocket, given to him by Hayat, rolled out.

(c) Why did Lama’s eyes glitter with excitement?

Answer: The Lama’s eyes glittered with excitement the Lama was, after all, a young boy and he got excited when he saw the toy.

Question 2: Choose the correct option to explain the phrases:

1. He could hear a regular droning sound coming from inside….

(a) The sound was made by patients in pain.
(b) The monks were chanting prayers.
(c) There were drones being repaired inside.

2. ‘No, it was something pressing on his chest, almost suffocating him.

(a) He had eaten too much for dinner.
(b) He felt guilty about his behaviour.
(c) Somebody was attacking him.

3. “The Lama seemed pleased with your gift,” Sonam Darka smiled.

(a) Debu’s costly gift had pleased the Lama.
(b) The Lama had not expected a gift from Debu.
(c) The Lama was a child and the gift of a toy pleased him.

Question 3: What was the monastery built of?

Answer: The monastery was cluster of buildings surrounded by a wall, clinging to the slope of the hill. It was built of sun-dried bricks and the ends of its wooden roofs were turned upwards. Two fierce-looking statues of lions guarded the gates.

Question 4: Who was the boy on the throne?

Answer: The boy on the throne was the Head Lama of the monastery.

Question 5: What made Debu want to visit the monastery?

Answer: Debu wanted to visit the monastery to find out about his father.

Question 6: Why was Kalyan Singh angry with Trilok?

Answer: Kalyan Singh was angry with Trilok because Trilok had commented about the Lama that Lama was just a little boy. In a way, he had disrespected the Head Lama and this infuriated Kalyan Singh.

Question 7: How was the Lama chosen?

Answer: It was believed that when a Lama died, he was reborn soon after. The senior lamas of the monastery would search for the baby who would be his successor. Various signs and tests helped them to prove that he was the right one. This is how a Lama was chosen.

Question 8: Why was Debu carrying money? What were his worries?

Answer: Debu was carrying money for trade. He was worried that someone will steal the money.

Question 9: Who do you think attacked Debu at night? Why did he do so?

Answer: I think Trilok Singh attacked Debu at night. The lines in the passage that say, ‘Ever since he had nearly fallen off the mountain, Trilok had been quiet and withdrawn’, suggest this. Also, Kalyan Singh said, ‘First, you behaved foolishly on the way to the pass and endangered others lives’. This suggests the same. He did this because he wanted to kill Debu.

So, these were The Lama Questions & Answers.

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