The Enchanted Shirt Questions & Answers

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The Enchanted Shirt Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘Then the king realizes his useless life, and his sickness hatched in gloom.’

(a) What cure was prescribed for the king’s sickness?  

Answer: To sleep for three nights in a shirt of happy man was prescribed for the king’s sickness.

(b) How did the king realize his mistake?

Answer: When the courtiers brought the piece of shirt of the beggar for the king, they told him that the beggar denied to accept the gold coins. The beggar had said that he wanted to enjoy life and all the things that money cannot buy. The King realised that his sickness was produced in isolation and nothing else was wrong with him.

(c) What did the king do to make his life useful?

Answer: The king happily goes into the world and works in his own chosen line. Blessings are showered; the land is glad, and the king is well and fine as the king did to make his life useful.

Question 2: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. The king showed no signs of illness.a. He had proclaimed the king was ‘as healthy as a fattened yearling’ and ‘as fit as a fiddle’. 
2. The king sat up screaming from his sleep.b. He had prescribed the king should sleep three nights in a happy man’s shirt. 
3. Dr Truly had displeased the king.c. But the happy man’s shirt was tattered and filthy. 
4. Dr Sharp was indeed sharp and a crook.d. He slept soundly and snored, had bright eyes, a clear skin, and a hearty appetite. 
5. The search for the happy man ended.e. He had seen a dream in which three doctors had given up hope of his recovery. 
Answer: 1-d, 2-e, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c

Question 3: What were the diagnoses provided by the ‘three rogue physicians’?

Answer: The diagnoses provided by the ‘three rogue physicians’ were cholera, tuberculosis and rare disease called outofmentalfocus.

Question 4: The king did cartwheels on the bed. What does this tell us about the state of his health?

Answer: This tells us that the king was absolutely fine and was not suffering from any disease.

Question 5: What task was assigned to Ralph by the king?

Answer: The king asked Ralph to get best physicians in the kingdom.

Question 6: What did Dr Sharp claim to be? What all did he do before reaching his diagnosis?

Answer: Dr Sharp claimed that he has specialization in curing strange incurable diseases. Before reaching his diagnosis, he examined the king’s royal eyes and tongue.

Question 7: Why was the vagabond amused?

Answer: The vagabond was amused because courtiers offered him a thousand gold coins in lieu of his tattered and filthy shirt.

Question 8: Do you think Dr Truly and Dr Sharp were appropriately named? Give reasons.

Answer: Yes, they are named appropriately because Dr Truly diagnosed the king honestly and had announced that king was healthy whereas Dr Sharp was indeed sharp and a crook and had prescribed the king should sleep three nights in a happy man’s shirt.

Question 9: Do you think the king was really sick? What was his ‘strange incurable disease’? Give reasons.

Answer: No, according to me, the king was not really sick. The ‘strange incurable disease’ was his phobia. Phobia is a sickness in which the suffering person has an extreme fear of something.

So, these were The Enchanted Shirt Questions & Answers.

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