The Necklace Questions & Answers

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The Necklace Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Distinguished – very successful and respected
  • Ceaselessly – continuously
  • Delicacies – expensive foods
  • Garret – an attic room
  • Usurers – people who lend money

Question 1: What kind of a life did Madame Loisel want?

Answer: Madame Loisel wanted a life of luxury. She wanted to be able to wear fine clothes and jewellery, eat fine food and associate with rich people.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

One evening, her husband returned home with a triumphant air.

(a) Whose husband is being spoken of her? What was his occupation?

Answer: Madame Loisel’s husband is being spoken here. He was a clerk in the Ministry of Public Instruction.

(b) Why was his manner triumphant?

Answer: His manner was triumphant because he was invited by the Minister of Public Instruction and Madame Georges Ramponneau to attend the party.

(c) What does it tell you about his character?

Answer: It shows that Monsieur Loisel is eager to please his wife who he knows longs to live a life of luxury and grandeur.

Question 3: What did Madame Loisel wear to the ball? How did she get her clothes and jewellery?

Answer: Madame Loisel bought a dress with four hundred francs that her husband gave her. She borrowed a diamond necklace from her friend to wear with a beautiful dress.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Finally, after four o’clock in the morning, she returned to her modest home in the Rue des Martyrs. All was ended, for her.

(a) Who is being spoken here? Where did she return from?

Answer: Madame Loisel is being spoken here. She returned from the party.

(b) What was she doing till four o’clock?

Answer: She was dancing at the party.

(c) ‘All was ended, for her.’ – In what sense was everything over?

Answer: Everything was over in the sense that the event that she had looked forward to as once in lifetime opportunity had been concluding.

Question 5: How did the Loisels replace the lost necklace?

Answer: The Loisels lived a life of hardships and worked very hard to replace the necklace. Madame Loisel dismissed her servant and did all the household chores herself, dressed plainly and bargained in the market. Her husband worked hard in the evening.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

How little a thing is needed for us to be lost or to be saved!

(a) What incident is referred to here?

Answer: The incident being referred to here is the loss of the necklace.

(b) How did the ‘little thing’ alter the lives of the two main characters?

Answer: They had to work hard to repay the debt. They dismissed their servant and rented a garret under the roof.

(c) Who is the third significant character in the story?

Answer: The third significant character in the story is Madame Forestier whose necklace Madame Loisel had lost.

Question 7: Compare the characters of Madame Loisel and her husband.

Answer: Madame Loisel is desirous of living beyond her means; she longs to be able to enjoy the luxury that rich people have. On the other hand, her husband is aware of his limited means and content with his station in life. However, he does not resent her taste for luxury. When she lost the necklace, he stood by her and worked hard to repay the money.

So, these were The Necklace Questions & Answers.

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