The New Assistant Questions & Answers

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The New Assistant Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Mr Higgins felt that he made a mistake when he bought the silver pot because it wasn’t very good silver and didn’t cost more than seven pounds.
(b) Mr Higgins told Tom that he would prove to be the right assistant for him only if he makes profit.
(c) Tom could not change the price of the ring because he was just an assistant.
(d) The actual price of the picture was 15 pounds only and Tom sold it for 27 pounds.
(e) The rich lady didn’t buy the vase because she felt that the vase may not worth the money charged.
(f) At the end of the play, Mr Higgins was angry at Tom because he incurred a loss by not selling the vase.

Question 2: Good sales assistants should possess certain attributes. Mention some attributes which you think Tom had.

Answer: Good sales assistants should –

  • be polite
  • be ready to assist customers
  • be sincere in their duties
  • be good negotiators
  • be confident

Question 3: How many stars would you give Tom for his performance on the first day at work? Give reasons.

Answer: I would give Tom 3.5 stars out of five because though Tom was truthful, honest and sincere but he wasn’t ready to take risk, which is of utmost importance for a sales person.

Question 4: Do you think Tom was responsible for the loss of hundred pounds to Mr Higgins?

Answer: No, I don’t think Tom was responsible as it was his first day. Above all, he wasn’t accustomed to the prices written and decipher the amount correctly. In this case, he missed out the tiny dot.

Question 5: Did Tom prove to be a good assistant?

Answer: Yes, Tom was a good assistant as he was honest and concerned that his boss shouldn’t incur any loss.

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