The Royal Parade Questions & Answers

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The Royal Parade Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The story is set in two places. Which are the two places?

(a) a forest and Mysuru
(b) a forest and a field
(c) a forest and a river

2. Jaya was afraid because

(a) she could fall off Deva’s back.
(b) her father would scold her for running away.
(c) she felt that the strangers could harm Deva.

3. Jaya stopped feeling afraid when

(a) Deva stopped running and stood in front of a chariot.
(b) the young woman in the chariot spoke reassuringly.
(c) Deva marched beautifully during the Dasara parade.

Question 2: What was the usual way in which Jaya and Deva played in the morning?

Answer: In the morning, usually, Jaya and Deva would play in the river splashing about and spraying water at each other.

Question 3: What made Jaya think that her father was already back from Mysuru?

Answer: On seeing people crowding in front of her home, Jaya realized that her father was already back from Mysuru.

Question 4: How do you know that Deva understood Jaya’s complaint immediately?

Answer: Jaya was disheartened as her father was not ready to take her to the parade because her legs were too small for the journey. she was disheartened and darted into the forest. Jaya darted into the forest and ran to Deva and buried her face in his trunk. Deva wrapped his trunk around Jaya and lifted her, placed her gently on his back and began to ran towards open fields. This shows that Deva understood Jaya’s complaint immediately.

Question 5: Why did the King of Mysuru send his guard to the forest?

Answer: The king of Mysuru had sent his guard to the forest to summon Jaya’s father, who was the chief of the biggest tribe in Nagerhole. The king wanted advice on herbal medicines.

Question 6: Why was Jaya in a hurry to reach home?

Answer: Jaya was in a hurry to reach home because she thought that her father must have got mysorepak for her which he had promised.

Question 7: What was Jaya’s father reaction on seeing her?

Answer: On seeing Jaya, he lifted her up and seated her on his lap with a big smile.

Question 8: What was Jaya’s father telling the people from his tribe about Mysuru?

Answer: Jaya’s father telling the people about, the new king of Mysuru, the magnificent palace, a throne made of pure gold, the wide roads, the crowded markets where everything was available, and the huge temples. He told that the city was getting ready for a big festival called Dasara. He also told that during the festival, the king himself leads a grand parade of royal deities, noble families, military officers, soldiers, dancers, camels, horses, and elephants.

Question 9: Why was Jaya in shock?

Answer: Jaya was shocked to see that the field was teeming with people and elephants.

Question 10: When did Jaya feel that Deva was in safe hands?

Answer: When the woman in the chariot promised that Deva would return to the forest after the parade, Jaya felt that Deva was in safe hands.

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