Williwu Learns To Make Friends Questions & Answers

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Williwu Learns To Make Friends Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match Williwu’s problems with the person she goes to for help:

Williwu’s problemsWhom does she go to for help
1. Williwu’s broom is useless for flying to the moon. a. Williwu asks Valerie’s help.
2. The witchbroom maker does not have any branches to make the broom.b. She runs to the well for help.  
3. The willow tree has no fresh branches because he is drying. c. She asks the willow tree to help.  
4. There’s a heavy stone on the mouth of the well.d. Williwu asks the witchbroom maker to help.

Answer: 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a

Question 2: Who was Williwu?

Answer: Williwu was a little witchgirl.

Question 3: Why did Williwu want to go the moon?

Answer: Williwu wanted to go to the moon because it was Halloween and she wanted to party with other witches on the moon.

Question 4: What happened to Williwu’s broom?

Answer: Hundreds of mice had eaten all the branches of Williwu’s broom.

Question 5: Why were all witches getting ready?

Answer: The witches were getting ready to have party on the moon.

Question 6: What happened when Williwu opened her closet?

Answer: When Williwu opened the closet, hundreds of mice scurried out. They had eaten all the branches of the broom.

Question 7: Why did Williwu want a broom?

Answer: Williwu wanted a broom to fly to the moon.

Question 8: Why was willow tree not able to help Williwu?

Answer: The willow tree was unable to help because the well couldn’t supply water to the tree so its branches stopped growing.

Question 9: Whom did the well ask Williwu to meet?

Answer: The well asked Williwu to go to thatch house on top of the hill and meet Valerie and ask her for help.

Question 10: What is the meaning of the line ‘It’s up to you Williwu’ in the song?

Answer: The line ‘It’s up to you, Williwu’ in the song means that it depends only on Williwu whether she chooses to be shy or asks people for help so that she is able to go to the moon.

Question 11: Why do you think Williwu’s spell did not work?

Answer: Williwu’s spell did not work because spells never do any magic, only friends can help us in any situation.

Question 12: Did Williwu learn to be less shy?

Answer: Yes, Williwu learned to become less shy because she went to Willow tree, well and Valerie to ask for help.

Question 13: Who helped Williwu in the last?

Answer: It was Valerie and her friends who helped Williwu in the last to roll the stone off the well.

Question 14: What lesson did Williwu learn in the last?

Answer: In the last, Williwu learnt that it was not her spell that could anything but only friends who could help us in any situation.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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