Rapunzel Questions & Answers

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Rapunzel Questions & Answers

Question 1: What made the poor couple unhappy?

Answer: One thing that made the poor couple unhappy was that they did not have any child.

Question 2: What did the wife need for the remedy of her illness?

Answer: The wife needed a special herb for the remedy of her illness.

Question 3: What did the wife ask her husband do?

Answer: The wife asked her husband to go into the garden and bring some of the herbs.

Question 4: Why was the husband afraid of going into the garden?

Answer: The husband was afraid of going into the garden because a wicked witch used to live there.

Question 5: Why did the husband agree to go into the garden?

Answer: Seeing his wife becoming paler and gloomy day by day and finding no other way, the husband agreed to go into the garden.

Question 6: Was the husband successful in bringing the herbs from the garden?

Answer: Yes, the husband brought the herbs from the garden two-three times successfully. However, one day he was caught red-handed by the wicked witch.

Question 7: On what condition, did the witch allow the husband to take as many herbs as he wanted?

Answer: The witch put the condition that he could take as much herbs as he wanted but in return, he had to give his first child to her.

Question 8: Who was Rapunzel? What did she have?

Answer: Rapunzel was a beautiful young lady. She had a bunch of long golden hair.

Question 9: How would the witch climb up the tower?

Answer: For going up, the witch would call, “Rapunzel, let down your lock of hair.” Rapunzel would let down her hair, and the witch would climb up by holding it.

Question 10: What did the prince do?

Answer: The prince also tried to call, “Rapunzel, please let down your hair for me to climb up.” Rapunzel did so and he climbed up.

Question 11: Why did Rapunzel get frighten?

Answer: On seeing the prince, Rapunzel got frightened because she had never met a man before.

Question 12: How could the witch come to know about the prince?

Answer: Unfortunately, one day, Rapunzel asked the witch that why she was so slow to climb up when the prince climbs so quick. The witch understood everything and that is how she came to know about the prince.

Question 13: What did angry witch do to the prince and Rapunzel?

Answer: The angry witch made the prince blind and taking Rapunzel, she left the tower.

Question 14: How did the prince and Rapunzel meet again?

Answer: The blind prince was wandering in search of his beloved. One day, he suddenly heard the singing of Rapunzel and recognised her. That is how they met each other again.

Question 15: How could the prince begin to see again?

Answer: When the prince and Rapunzel met again, they both burst into tears. The blind prince put his head on Rapunzel’s lap. Rapunzel’s tear fell on the prince’s eyes and the prince could see again.

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