Ma Liang and The Magic Paintbrush Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Ma Liang and The Magic Paintbrush Questions & Answers.

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Ma Liang and The Magic Paintbrush Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Ma Liang drew pictures with stones or sticks as he

(a) was fond of drawing.
(b) was poor and bad no paintbrush.
(c) wanted to show his creativity.

2. The old man gave Ma Liang the paintbrush because

(a) Ma Liang wanted a paintbrush.
(b) he wanted Ma Liang to help poor people.
(c) Ma Liang was a friend of the old man.

3. Ma Liang realised that the paintbrush was magical as the

(a) paintbrush could draw things on its own.
(b) pictures he drew disappeared at once.
(c) the hen drawn by him came to life.

4. Ma Liang was put into prison because

(a) the emperor wanted to take his magic paintbrush.
(b) Ma Liang was not helping the poor people.
(c) Ma Liang did not want to help the emperor.

Question 2: Match the columns to complete the sentences:

Column AColumn B
1. Ma Liang drew with stones and sticks(a) a magic paintbrush.
2. The emperor and his friends(b) draw a mountain of gold for him.
3. The old man told Ma Liang to(c) to drowned in the sea.
4. The emperor wanted Ma Liang(d) because he did not have a paintbrush.
5. One day, an old man gave Ma Liang(e) draw pictures of things that would help the poor.

Answer: 1-d, 2-c, 3-e, 4-b, 5-a

Question 3: How did Ma Liang get the paintbrush? What was he told to use it for?

Answer: Ma Liang got the paintbrush from the old man. He was told to use it for helping the poor.

Question 4: How did Ma Liang use the paintbrush to help the farmer?

Answer: With the paintbrush, Ma Liang drew a buffalo and the buffalo came to life. The farmer could use the buffalo to pull the plough easily.

Question 5: Why did Ma Liang not wish to help the emperor?

Answer: Ma Liang did not wish to help the emperor because he was a greedy man.

Question 6: How did the greedy emperor die?

Answer: The greedy emperor wanted Ma Liang to draw a mountain of gold but Ma Liang drew a sea first. He then drew a golden mountain which was far away across the sea. When the emperor saw the mountain of gold, he felt happy and asked Ma Liang to draw a big ship quickly.

Ma Liang drew a big ship and the emperor along with his friends jumped into the ship. When the ship sailed to the middle of the sea, Ma Liang drew a large wave which destroyed the ship. So, the greedy emperor and his friends died.

So, these were Ma Liang and The Magic Paintbrush Questions & Answers.

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