The Terrible Lizards of The Past Questions & Answers

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The Terrible Lizards of The Past Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which types of animals appeared in the sea?

Answer: Some soft bodied animals appeared in the sea.

Question 2: Describe several types of dinosaurs.

Answer: There were many types of dinosaurs. Some were flesh eaters while some ate plants. Some lived in both land and water and some only on land. They varied in size and strength and the way they walked.  

Question 3: Which type of dinosaurs were the most terrible? Describe.

Answer: The ‘Spiked lizard’ was the most terrible dinosaur, covered with hard boney plates from head to tail. It was a flesh-eating monster with teeth like big knives.

Question 4: Describe common traits of dinosaurs.

Answer: All of them had certain traits in common. They belonged to the family of reptiles, crawled like reptiles and laid eggs. They were cold blooded.

Question 5: What is the main reason of the disappearance of dinosaurs according to scientists?

Answer: Scientists tell us that one of the reasons for their disappearance may have been the change in the pattern of weather.

Question 6: What are the other reasons of their disappearance?

Answer: Winters became long and plant food also disappeared. Dinosaurs might have been too weak or too large and slow or too stupid to move somewhere else in search of food or some deadly disease might have killed them.

Question 7: How can we know about dinosaurs today?

Answer: Today only the bones of some of the dinosaurs are left. They tell us the story of these monsters of the past.

Question 8: Fill in the blanks.

1. Some developed into fish and those that could crawl came out of the sea and began to live on land.
2. They varied in size and strength.
3. They were the biggest and the scariest creatures that ever lived.
4. They belonged to that family of creatures that we call reptiles.
5. Dinosaurs lived almost everywhere.
6. Winters became longer and colder.

Question 9: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. Terrible Lizarda. walked on land
2. Thunder Lizardb. covered with hard boney plants
3. Wing-Fingered 4. Spiked Lizardc. flesh eating monster d. means dinosaur
5. King of the Lizardse. swooped across the sky

Answer: 1-d, 2-a, 3-e, 4-b, 5-c

Question 10: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. All dinosaurs walked on all the four legs – False
2. Thunder lizard ate only plants – True
3. King of the lizards was a flesh-eating monster – True
4. Dinosaurs laid eggs to hatch their young ones – True
5. Dinosaurs have not completely disappeared from the Earth – False
6. Only the bones of some of the dinosaurs are left – True

So, these were The Terrible Lizards of The Past Questions & Answers.

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