The Unlucky Sweeper Questions & Answers

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The Unlucky Sweeper Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was considered unlucky? What did all the courtiers say about him?

Answer: A sweeper was considered unlucky. All the courtiers said that if anyone saw the sweeper first thing in the morning, they were sure to have a bad day.

Question 2: Make a list of the things which spoilt the day for Akbar.

Answer: Akbar’s day started with the bad news of his brother-in-law’s illness, he twisted his ankle, a boring day as his wisest courtier Birbal was absent, fly fell into his sherbet and he had argument with his Begum. These events spoiled his day.

Question 3: What did Akbar realise that night?

Answer: At night, Akbar realised that it must have been the sweeper whom he saw the first thing in the morning who has brought him bad luck. The courtiers must be right about him.

Question 4: What punishment was chosen for the sweeper?

Answer: Akbar ordered the sweeper to be sentenced to death.

Question 5: When did Birbal come to know of the incident?

Answer: Next morning, when Birbal came to the court, he heard about the Emperor’s decision to hang the sweeper.

Question 6: What did the sweeper ask the prison officer to tell the Emperor and his court?

Answer: When asked for his last wish, the sweeper asked the officer to tell the Emperor and the court that if they look upon the Emperor first thing in the morning, they will be sent to the gallows.

Question 7: Why did Akbar call the sweeper?

Answer: Akbar immediately called the sweeper as he had realised his mistake and took back his order and freed the sweeper.

Question 8: Why did Akbar thank Birbal?

Answer: Akbar thanked Birbal for cleverly pointing out his mistake and preventing a grave injustice.

Question 9: Where did Akbar see the sweeper?

Answer: One morning, while taking a walk in the garden, his eyes fell upon the sweeper who was cleaning the garden paths.

Question 10: With whom did he argue about the day?

Answer Akbar was terribly upset and got up without eating a thing. This led to an argument with his Begum.  

Question 11: Where was the sweeper put?

Answer: The sweeper was put in prison.

Question 12: What was prison officer’s duty?

Answer: It was his duty to fulfill the prisoner’s last wish.

Question 13: Was Akbar right in punishing the sweeper?

Answer: No, Akbar was wrong in his decision to punish the sweeper.

Question 14: Why could have Akbar ordered the sentence of death to the sweeper?

Answer: Akbar ordered the sentence of death to the sweeper because he thought that he had brought him bad luck.

Question 15: Why do you think Birbal went to meet the sweeper?

Answer: Birbal went to meet the sweeper as he wanted to save his life and wanted the Emperor to realise his mistakes.

Question 16: It was the prison officer’s duty to fulfil the prisoner’s last wish. Why was this so?

Answer: It was his duty because it was a custom to fulfill the last wish of the person to be sentenced to death.

Question 17: How could have Akbar come to know that Birbal has met the sweeper?

Answer:  It was because, Akbar knew that this witty piece of advice could be given by Birbal only.

Question 18: Why was Akbar not angry with Birbal for interfering in this affair?

Answer: Akbar was not angry because now he knew that he was wrong and was doing injustice to a poor person.

Question 19: Fill in the blanks.

1. Akbar woke up early and decided to take a walk in the garden.
2. Raja Birbal, his wisest courtier, was absent.
3. Akbar would not change his mind.
4. Birbal came to the court and heard about the Emperor’s decision.
5. The sweeper was to be hanged that evening.
6. Akbar immediately sent for the sweeper.

So, these were The Unlucky Sweeper Questions & Answers.

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