Ashoka The Great Questions & Answers

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Ashoka The Great Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Ashoka?

Answer: Ashoka was one of the greatest kings, India has ever seen.

Question 2: Who was Bindusara? How was his nature?

Answer: Bindusara was Ashoka’s father. He was a gentle king who looked after his kingdom and shared friendly relations with his neighbouring kingdoms.

Question 3: Why did Ashoka decide to attack Kalinga?

Answer: Ashoka decided to attack Kalinga to extend his kingdom.

Question 4: What mistake did Ashoka realize?

Answer: When Ashoka saw all the bloodshed and misery around him, he realized his big mistake of causing so much misery just to win one kingdom and was filled with shame and sorrow.

Question 5: What oath did he take?

Answer: He took an oath never to fight a battle in his life.

Question 6: How did he devote his time?

Answer: He devoted his time in looking after his people.

Question 7: What were some of Buddha’s teachings?

Answer: Some of the teachings of Buddha are respect and obedience to elders, truthfulness at all times, kindness to the poor and non-violence.

Question 8: Why was Ashoka called ‘Ashoka the Great’?

Answer: Ashoka was truly called Ashoka the Great for all that he did for his country and for his people.

Question 9: Fill in the blanks.

1. Ashoka was one of the greatest kings of India.
2. He extended his kingdom till the borders of Mysore.
3. Ashoka decided to attack Kalinga.
4. He was filled with shame and sorrow.
5. He erected pillars on which were written the teachings of Buddha.
6. Ashoka looked after his people like a kind father.
7. He was truly ‘Ashoka The Great’.

Question 10: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Ashoka belonged to the Maurya dynasty – True
2. Chandragupta was Ashoka’s father – False
3. Thousands of soldiers lay dead or wounded in Kalinga war – True
4. Ashoka gave up war not after defeat but after victory – True
5. He became a Buddhist – True
6. The people were not in peace – False

Question 11: Number the events as they took place.


…3…He was filled with shame and sorrow.
…1…Ashoka became a king.
…5…He spread the teachings of Buddha.
…7…He was called ‘Ashoka the Great’.
…2…He attacked Kalinga.
…4…He returned to Patliputra.
…6…He was always ready to help people in times of need.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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