Good Books Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Good Books Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Edgar Guest. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of Saved By a Dolphin, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Boats Sail on The Rivers so, you can check these posts as well.

Good Books Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of friends are they?

Answer: Books are true friends who stay with you at all times. They do not disturb you and comfort you when you need.

Question 2: What would you do if you wanted their company?

Answer: If we want the company of books, we can just pick up a book from the shelf and find a real friend.

Question 3: Why is their friendship thought to be real?

Answer: Books are not noisy, they do not disturb you, they help you pass time, they give you advice and they comfort you when you are ill. So, their friendship is considered real.

Question 4: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. They will not call you on the phone
Or wake you if the hour is late.

(a) Who are ‘they’ that the speaker is referring to in the lines above?

Answer: The speaker is referring to books.

(b) Why won’t ‘they’ wake you late at night?

Answer: They will not wake you late at night because they cannot talk, walk or make any noise.

2. They’ll comfort you when you are ill.

(a) How would they comfort you when you are ill?

Answer: Books are a good way to pass time when you are ill and cannot move around too much. They comfort you.

(b) Name other things that can comfort you when you are ill?

Answer: Other things that can comfort us when we are ill:

  • A healing touch.
  • A hot bowl of soup.
  • A favourite movie on TV.

3. You have true friends for night and day
If you have some good books to read.

(a) Why do you think books are called true friends?

Answer: Books are called true friends because they always stay with us at all times.

(b) Think and list the similarities between a good book and a friend.


  • A good book and a friend are always there when you need them.
  • Both give good company.

Question 5: What tells you that you can trust them completely?

Answer: You can trust them completely because they will never leave you and are always there when you need them.

Question 6: Books are patient and comforting. Explain how.

Answer: Books are patient because they never get upset with you over anything. They are always there for you. They are comforting because they always promise a good read even if you are ill or upset.

Question 7: What are the qualities that make a good book, a good friend?

Answer: The qualities that make a good book, a good friend are – they are comforting. They give us good company whenever we need and we also get to learn a lot from books.

Question 8: Fill in the blanks.

1. Books are friendly things to own.
2. They stand together row by row.
3. The friendship of books is real.
4. They’ll comfort you when you are ill.
5. They’Il give, you advice if you need.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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