The Trojan Horse Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Trojan Horse Questions & Answers.

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The Trojan Horse Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Troy was a big city – False
(b) Menelaus was a Greek King – True
(c) Helen was a Trojan – False
(d) Troy was a well defended city – True
(e) Paris was a Greek – False
(f) The fighting continued for ten years – True

Question 2: What kind of people were the Trojans?

Answer: The people of the city Troy were called Trojans.They were known for their military skills and fighting abilities.

Question 3: Why was Menelaus proud?

Answer: Menelaus – the King of Greece, had one of the fairest maidens as his queen. So, he was proud to be the husband of such a woman – Helen.

Question 4: Why was it not possible for the Greeks to enter Troy?

Answer: Troy was a well-defended city with high walls surrounding it. The wall was so thick and strong that it was impossible to break it. So, it was not possible for the Greeks to enter Troy.

Question 5: How did Helen betray Menelaus?

Answer: Helen fell in love with a Trojan boy named Paris. One day, when King Menelaus was away on some business, they both fled from Greece and came to Troy. That is how Helen betrayed Menelaus.

The Trojan Horse Questions & Answers

Question 6: What tricks did the Greeks play?

Answer: The Greeks built a huge wooden horse and made a trap-door into it through which the soldiers could go in and come out. They put several best soldiers inside that horse and shut the trap-door. They then left the horse outside the city and pretended to leave. They burnt their tents and withdrew to their ships.

Question 7: What did the soldiers inside the horse do at night?

Answer: At night, when Trojans were asleep, the Greek soldiers opened the trap-door and came out of the horse. They then quietly opened the gates of the city and set fire to the city.

Question 8: When did the Greeks come back?

Answer: The fire set in Troy city was a signal for the Greeks to return. The Greek ships soon returned and within a short time, Troy was full of Greek soldiers.

Question 9: Read the line and answer the question:

“He made up his mind to kill Paris and bring back Helen by all means.”

(a) Who is ‘he’?

Answer: ‘He’ is Menelaus.

(b) Who was Paris?

Answer: Paris was a Trojan boy.

(c) Who was Helen?

Answer: Helen was a queen of Greece.

Question 10: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The King had one of the fairest maidens as his queen.
(b) The people of the city were called Trojans.
(c) The Greeks now lost all hope of conquering the city.
(d) He collected a huge fleet of ships and sailed for Troy.
(e) They fought bravely but they were defeated by the Greeks.

So, these were The Trojan Horse Questions & Answers.

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