The Vagabond Stanza-Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Vagabond Stanza-Wise Summary.

The poem The Vagabond is written by Robert Louis Stevenson and it tells about the joys of a life of walking. A Vagabond is a wanderer who likes to travel and never settles anywhere. Below is mentioned the stanza-wise summary of this poem. I have also shared the Lochinvar Stanza-Wise Summary so, you can check that post as well.

The Vagabond Stanza-Wise Summary

Stanza – 1

“Give to me…………………………………. the life forever”.

The vagabond is interested in a life of unlimited travel and all he wants to do is travel from one place to another without any restrictions. So, he is asking for the life that he loves and let the rest of the world pass him by which means he is not concerned about the material wealth or possessions or anything else around him. What he wants is the great outdoors, with the sky as his roof and a road to travel. He wants his bed in the bush so that he can see the stars. The poet wants to lead a humble life and is happy to dip the bread in the river instead of a cup of tea or coffee and this is the type of life that he wants forever.

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Stanza – 2

“Let the blow fall………………………………. road below me”.

By these lines the poet means that he is ready for death which would come sooner or later and if it does not come, he has the roads before him to travel around the whole world and the sky above him. He does not wish for wealth, hope, love or a friend. The only thing he seeks to have is the heaven/sky above him and the road to follow beneath him.

The Vagabond Stanza-Wise Summary

Stanza – 3

“Or let autumn fall………………………. to winter even!”

This stanza presents a sketch of the hardships of life outdoors in autumn. The poet talks about the harsh conditions in autumn and winter that he may have to face while living in the open. He says that let the leaves of autumn fall on him that represents the beginning of old age. In autumn, the field looks barren as the leaves have fallen off the tree. The birds are silent and are no longer seen singing on the trees. The cold is so severe in the winter that blood almost freezes and the finger looks blue. The fields are covered with snow. The fireside is the only place that can give warmth and relief to the vagabond. However, the poet further states that even these harsh conditions will not stop a vagabond from living in the open because all he yearns for is freedom above everything else.

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Stanza – 4

“Let the blow fall………………………………. road below me”.

The fourth stanza is the same as the second stanza so, the explanation is also the same.

So, this was The Vagabond Stanza-Wise Summary.

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