The Wicked Intention Questions & Answers

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The Wicked Intention Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write who said the following statements:

1. He wants my young daughter as his wife – Nayaz
2. I need four hundred tankas to help a very needy person – Umar
3. I can contribute this scarf of mine, if it can help you – Water carrier
4. Would you like to take three hundred tankas – Jafar
5. Your time limit to repay is over – Jafar
6. Jafar sir, I too shall go the way you have to go – Umar

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. ___________ was a kind-hearted social reformer.

(a) Emir
(b) Umar
(c) Jafar

2. One day, Umar passed by a dusty __________.

(a) street
(b) lane
(c) house

3. Omar knew that Jafar the lender was a cruel and ________ man.

(a) Wise
(b) kind
(c) unkind

4. Jafar came near and asked the cost of the___________.

(a) diamonds
(b) clothes
(c) heap

5. Umar untied his __________ and started walking with Jafar.

(a) donkey
(b) horse
(c) cow

6. Nayaz and _________ jumped in joy.

(a) Gulzar
(b) Umar
(c) Jafar

Question 3: Who was Umar?

Answer: Umar was a kind-hearted social reformer who often sacrificed his own comfort for the sake of the suffering masses. He solved the problems of the common people and helped them with his courage and wit. He lived in Bokhara, a land ruled by a cruel and ruthless Emir.

Question 4: Why was the old man sobbing?

Answer: The old man was sobbing because he owed four hundred tankas to the lender, Jafar and he was too poor to repay it. Jafar who had the liberty to do anything if the sum was not paid and he wanted the old man’s daughter, Gulzar as his wife.

Question 5: What did the people contribute to Omar in his mission?

Answer: The people contributed to Omar with whatever they could – clothes, shoes, utensils, pots, handkerchiefs, turbans; and within minutes there was a large heap of goods.

Question 6: Whom did Umar sell the heap of goods?

Answer: Umar sold the heap of goods to Jafar because he knew that Jafar was the person who could buy everything.

Question 7: What did Jafar intend to do of Gulzar?

Answer: Jafar intended to marry Gulzar, whom he found the prettiest woman in Bokhara.

Question 8: Why did Nayaz and Gulzar jump in joy?

Answer: Nayaz and Gulzar jumped in joy because the amount was paid to Jafar in the stipulated time and all happened with the help of Umar.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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