Insatiable Greed Questions & Answers

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Insatiable Greed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Amirdas suffered losses in his business – True
2. Garibdas earned a lot of money from the stones – True
3. Musla brought thousands of stones from the beach – False
4. King Kahre became the greatest king in history – False
5. The queen was contented with only four rubies – False
6. The peepal tree flew only on full Moon nights – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. However, __________ lost even this money in his business.

(a) Amirdas
(b) Garibdas
(c) Musla

2. The silvery rays of the ___________ shone everything around.

(a) Sun
(b) tubelight
(c) Moon

3. With the first rays of the Sun, the ___________ once again flew away.

(a) horse
(b) tree
(c) hut

4. Garibdas __________ agreed as this amount was quite unexpected for.

(a) happily
(b) instantaneously
(c) reluctantly

5. King Kahre sent for Garibdas and demanded the __________.

(a) rubies
(b) diamonds
(c) stones

6. Fast clinging to their dreams and branches. they remained atop the ___________.

(a) temple
(b) house
(c) tree

Question 3: Why did Amirdas run away from his house?

Answer: Amirdas suffered heavy losses in business so, he took a loan of one hundred rupees from a moneylender, named Garibdas. However, Amirdas lost even this money in his business. He had to sell even his house and other valuables, but his condition did not improve. Garibdas began to visit him at frequent intervals for repayment of his money and interest thereon, which by then had increased to a total of two hundred rupees. Garibdas would come to his house to hurl the choicest abuses. All that became so unbearable for Amirdas that he thought to run away and one day he finally did that.

Question 4: Where did Amirdas stay for the night?

Answer: For the night, Amirdas stayed in the forest atop a tree. He climbed up a peepal tree and laid at the joint where two thick branches emanated from.

Question 5: What happened that night with Amirdas?

Answer: That night, the tree, on which Amirdas sat, started flying at an enormous speed over the forest. It was a brightly moonlit night. He pinched himself to see if he was dreaming but he was awake. He clung to the branch fast as the tree skimmed over trees, hills, rivers and ponds, and at long last, settled down on a sandy beach.

Question 6: How much money did the four stones fetch to Musla?

Answer: Musla knew that only King, Khare could buy the stones so, he showed the rubies to him. The king was happy to receive them and in return, he gave fifty thousand rupees to Musla.

Question 7: How many stones did each of them collect?

Answer: Each of them collected as much as they could. They filled their sacs with stones and when the sacs were full, they stacked stones in their pockets as many as they could. And when the pockets were full, they opened their turbans and made large bundles stuffed with the stones.

Question 8: What happened in the end of story ‘Insatiable Greed’?

Answer: When everyone was busy collecting stones, they forgot everything else and the Sun rose in the horizon. Finally, when they thought they could gather no more, they decided to go back. They lifted their sacks and bundles and turned towards the tree. But the tree was not there. They could see the peepal tree flying away. They were bewildered and dumbfounded. They had no way out to go back home. They were hungry from all the hard work they had done. But there was no food around, what they had only was the saline seawater which could not be drunk. They knew that they could go back only a full month later when the tree would come. So, they had to remain on the beach for so long without food and water. They had to suffer because of their desire and avarice.

So, these were Insatiable Greed Questions & Answers.

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