A Story of True Love Questions & Answers

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A Story of True Love Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Bhola Ramji would fly the kite himself to test its balance and reliability.
2. It was a wooden framework of a kite caught by its own string.
3. Queries about one’s age should be made in the context of natural forces round us.
4. He brewed himself tea in a saucepan.
5. He flew the kite and then they held the string together.
6. The kite’s furious struggle to break free had succeeded.
7. Bhola Ramji used to gather children daily at 6 o’clock.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. The ___________ sat down cross-legged on a small mat.

(a) postman
(b) teacher
(c) kite-maker

2. Ramesh Chandra’s question brought a change in the _________ man.

(a) odd
(b) old
(c) young

3. He was __________ he might not finish the kites ordered in time.

(a) confident
(b) anxious
(c) happy

4. A little girl, __________ hair flying, rushed along the outside balcony.

(a) black
(b) white
(c) brown

5. Months before the wedding Bhola Ram had started to make a _____________.

(a) table
(b) ball
(c) kite

6. Bhola Ram took his __________ and the kite to the hillside.

(a) wife
(b) brother
(c) friend

Question 3: Why did the kite-maker fly a kite himself after making it?

Answer: The kite-maker flew a kite himself after making it to test its balance and reliability.

Question 4: What seemed to answer Bhola Ramji from the tree?

Answer: A knocking sound in the branches above seemed to answer him. It was made by the bamboo framework of a kite caught by its own string.

Question 5: How did Ramesh Chandra guess the age of the kite-maker?

Answer: By estimating the age of the tree, Ramesh Chandra guessed the age of the kite-maker.

Question 6: With what did Bhola Ramji compare his flying kite?

Answer: Bhola Ramji compared his flying kite with his soul which he felt was flying to meet the Creator.

Question 7: How had Bhola Ramji and Kanta fallen in love?

Answer: It was at the Ras Lila that both had fallen in love with each other. In the play of the God’s life, Bhola Ram had been chosen one year to act the part of Krishna. Kanta was Radha, the God’s beloved. The performance was given to a large crowd. As he danced away to the music, he was aware of her lit-up eyes on his back. After the play, when their eyes met, she stuck out her tongue to scold him. They were in love.

Question 8: How were Bhola Ramji and Kanta separated?

Answer: After their wedding, Kanta died the next morning because of her asthma attack. That is how, they got separated.

Question 9: What was the commotion the day after the funeral?

Answer: The morning after the funeral, Bhola was woken by a commotion outside. He unbolted the door and stepped out. He turned his head up at the banyan tree. There was no doubt that the kite was back, caught in the top of the tree. There was not a tear in it; it may had been the wind, making the branches creak and the kite flutter, but he believed he could hear her voice.

Question 10: What did the children think was odd? What did it really mean?

Answer: The children thought it was odd that Bhola Ramji didn’t open his door as he did daily by 6 o’clock, dispersing them. It meant that he was dead.

So, these were A Story of True Love Questions & Answers.

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