Rain In Summer Questions & Answers

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Rain In Summer Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tramp – sound of heavy steps
  • Fevered – unwell
  • Chamber – bedroom
  • Treacherous – cannot be trusted
  • Wonted – normal

Question 1: When does the rain look beautiful?

Answer: The rain looks beautiful in summer when it falls continuously on the burning streets and lanes.

Question 2: How does the poet compare the sound of rain dropping on roofs?

Answer: The poet compares the sound of rain dropping on roofs with the hooves of horse.

Question 3: Why the street is called “fiery”?

Answer: During summers, when the sun casts its burning flame and its rays make the streets hot like fire that is why the street is called “fiery”.

Question 4: In your own words, describe rain in the city as pictured in the first three stanzas.

Answer: The rain comes in the narrow lane and the wide streets as a welcome break after the dust and heat. It falls noisily on the roofs of the houses, gushes out from the spots, falls across the window-panes and swiftly moves like a river down the gutters on the streets.

Question 5: Read the line and answer the questions:

His fevered brain grows calm again.

(a) Who is the ‘his’ in these lines?

Answer: ‘His’ refers to the sick man.

(b) Where is he at this point of time?

Answer: At this point of time, he is in his hospital chamber.

(c) What helps calm his fevered brain?

Answer: Looking at the rain and feeling the fresh air helps to calm his fevered brain.

Question 6: What do the school boys do in the rain?

Answer: The school boys come running down the streets to the working oxen to welcome the water falling on Earth.

Question 7: What is spout? Why is it called overflowing?

Answer: Spout is a tube or a pipe for pouring liquid. When it fulls, the liquid pours out of the limits and it is called overflowing spout.

Question 8: Where does the rainwater pour?

Answer: The rain water pours across the window pane.

Question 9: How does the rainwater look like in the streets?

Answer: The rainwater looks like a muddy tide in the streets.

Question 10: Name some people who welcome the rain.

Answer: Some people who welcome the rain are working oxen, a sick man and a group of school boys.

Question 11: List the similes used in the poem.

Answer: The similes used in the poem are – Like the tramp of hoofs, like a river down the gutter roars and like a leopard’s tawny and spotted hide.

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