Blackwood House Questions & Answers

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Blackwood House Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Mr. Cooper? Who came to meet him?

Answer: Mr. Cooper was an estate agent. Dr. Norton came to meet him to buy a house for himself.

Question 2: Why according to Mr. Cooper, was it difficult to get house in Overwood?

Answer: According to Mr. Cooper, there were a lot of people coming to Overwood to live there so there weren’t many properties available to live there.

Question 3: What was Dr. Norton’s budget? How much did the owner of Blackwood House quote as its price?

Answer: Dr. Norton’s budget was £2000. The owner of the Blackwood House wanted £1000.

Question 4: Why did Dr. Norton prefer to buy Blackwood House instead of all the other houses Mr. Cooper mentioned?

Answer: Dr. Norton found that Blackwood House was within the budget hence, he preferred to buy this house.

Question 5: What do we know about the original owner of Blackwood House?

Answer: The original owner was Miss Varley. She died in the house two years ago. She wasn’t a happy woman.

Question 6: What, according to Mr. Cooper, would happen at midnight in Blackwood house?

Answer: At midnight, Miss Varley was believed to visit the house wearing her habitual white dress.

Question 7: Read these lines and answer the questions:

‘Will Mr. Varley let me sleep in Blackwood House for one night before I buy it?’

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Dr. Norton said these words to Mr. Cooper.

(b) Who was Mr. Varley?

Answer: Mr. Varley was the owner of Blackwood House.

(c) Why does the speaker want to sleep at Blackwood House for one night?

Answer: Dr. Norton wanted to sleep at Blackwood House for one night to find out for himself if the house was haunted.

Question 8: Describe Dr. Norton’s experience with the White Visitor in Blackwood House.

Answer: Dr. Norton had decided to spend a night at Blackwood House to check out the rumour. Close to midnight, he hears a sound and the door to the bedroom opens. A white form enters and tells him to leave immediately. It tries to frighten him but Dr. Norton was not afraid. He throws the book he is reading at the form and jumps out of bed and pulls the white cloth off from the face.

Question 9: Who turned out to be the White Visitor? Why did he try to discourage Dr. Norton from buying Blackwood House?

Answer: The White Visitor was none other than Mr. Cooper. He wanted to buy the house for himself and was waiting for the price to drop £1000 to £800 which was his budget. That’s why he did not want Dr. Norton to buy the house.

Question 10: Read these lines and answer the questions:

‘I see. Those stories were very helpful, weren’t they?’

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Dr. Norton said these words to Mr. Cooper.

(b) Which stories is the speaker talking about here?

Answer: Dr. Norton is referring to the stories of Blackwood House being haunted by the previous owner. And how people had seen her in her white dress and named the ghost as White Visitor.

(c) How did the stories help the listener?

Answer: The stories were causing the price of the house to drop.

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