Warned Summary and Questions & Answers

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Warned Summary and Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rendered – to cause to become
  • Obscured – difficult to see or understand
  • Gleamed – to shine faintly
  • Whence – from where
  • Littered – scattered, messy, made dirty
  • Weed – remove the unwanted
  • Haze – dust, smoke and other particles in the air make it difficult to see
  • Fatal – causing or ending in death

Warned Summary

This poem by Sylvia Stults talks about environmental degradation and urges us to preserve our natural resources before it is too late. The poet has presented a contrast between when the natural resources were untouched and pure and now when they are polluted, exploited and degraded to highlight how man is responsible for the degradation of the natural resources.
The sky that was once blue and clear with bright twinkling stars has now become polluted because of the pollutants in the air. The bright, twinkling stars are now hidden behind the curtain of smog.
The water bodies that were once crystal clear, full of fish and overflowing with water are now littered, brown and polluted. The trees that once stood tall and majestic with their thick trunks used for declaring loves have now disappeared due to reckless use of paper. The poet feels that pollution cannot be blamed for environmental degradation as human beings are equally responsible for hurting Mother Nature. Let us take care of our natural resources because if we sow good seed and take care of our fields, we will cultivate a good crop.
In the last stanza, the poet warns us to use our resources judiciously before it is too late. If we continue the reckless use of our resources then, one day we will cease to enjoy the free gifts offered by nature. Our survival is dependent on the survival of Mother Earth as human beings won’t be able to survive in the absence of air, water, trees and animals.

Warned Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where would the birds chirp from?

Answer: The birds would chirp from the sites unseen.

Question 2: What does the poet mean by ‘sands of time’?

Answer: By ‘sands of time’ the poet means the years that have passed by.

Question 3: What does the poet ask us to plant?

Answer: The poet asks us to plant a better seed by tearing out old roots, weeding and cultivating properly.

Question 4: Name two things that the poet fears.

Answer: The poet fears that the blue skies are no longer clear. The stars which had been bright have now become dim, hidden by the haze of pollution.

Question 5: What has happened to the crystal clear waters of the ocean?

Answer: The crystal clear waters of the ocean have turned brown. They are now littered due to pollution.

Warned Questions & Answers

Question 6: What action should we take up now?

Answer: We should use our resources judiciously before it is too late. We should plant a better seed by tearing out all old roots. We should cultivate by removing all the weeds that hamper the growth of plants. We should not pollute our water-bodies, should not cut trees and disturb wildlife.

Question 7: How does the poet bring out the truth of the proverb, ‘you reap what you sow’?

Answer: The poet brings out the truth of the proverb, ‘you reap what you sow’ by drawing a vivid picture of the environment the way it stands today. Increasing population, industrial development and urban lifestyles are largely responsible for the increasing pollution that has affected the clear blue skies and dimmed the brightness of the shinning stars. Our ocean floors have been littered and their crystal waters have turned brown. The birds that use to chirp have vanished and towering trees have been cut down to meet our increasing needs. We have not valued what has been bestowed on us by nature. On the contrary, we have abused what has been given and are now facing the consequences of our actions.

Question 8: The poet implies that we do not respect nature or its gifts to us. Do you agree? Justify your answer.

Answer: I agree with the poet that we do not respect nature or its gifts to us. What has been given to us by our Mother Earth in abundance, we are not taking care of that. We are not using our natural resources judiciously rather we are responsible for their depletion.

Warned Questions & Answers

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

(a) What is ‘free’?

Answer: Natural resources like air and water, trees, wildlife, etc. are free.

(b) What does the poet mean by the ‘fatal day’?

Answer: By ‘fatal day’ the poet means that the day will come when we will be deprived of all the resources that our Mother Nature has bestowed on us.

(c) Do you think that the poet is being unnecessarily anxious? Why/why not?

Answer: I don’t think the poet is being unnecessarily anxious because our natural resources are diminishing at an alarming rate and if proper steps are taken immediately then, these will be completely destroyed.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

(a) What does the poet mean by trees ‘baring professed love’?

Answer: The poet means that the trees express great love for us by providing us with all that we need like shade to rest, fruits to eat and wood to build our homes.

(b) What do you understand by the last two lines of the extract?

Answer: The poet says that the birds who used to chirp all around us have disappeared. The trees which used to give shelter to these birds have been cut down to meet the demands of the paper.

(c) What picture comes to your mind on reading these lines?

Answer: On reading these lines, a clear picture of blankness and despair comes to our mind. One can neither see the lush green trees nor can hear the cheerful chirping of the birds.

So, this was Warned Summary and Questions & Answers.

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